In Jacksonville An Evening of Empty Seats with Sarah Palin

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An Evening of Empty Hope with Sarah Palin

This is What an Evening of Hope Looks Like for Palin Fans: Empty Seats, Short Speech

The story here is that there was no audience, which might mean that there’s hope for America after all. Bristol might draw more people in Tennessee than Palin drew in Jacksonville.

Sarah Palin arrived in Jacksonville Florida tonight to speak at Heroic Media’s “Evening of Hope” fundraiser. There was a stark contrast between her last visit here, when long lines greeted her, and tonight when 75 empty chairs greeted her in a small venue. The venue had already been moved once due to low ticket sales. The new venue holds about 600 people. She spoke for 35 minutes. There were still tickets available when it started.

This is the GOP’s great white hope.

Heroic Media is a shady organization which uses the media to convince women not to have abortions.

First Coast News covered Palin’s arrival into Jacksonville:

Abel Harding of the Florida Times Union on live blogged Palin’s speech. I’m including the highlights here:

7:47 Abel Harding:
Shes reading the blast against healthcare, abortion. Head down, focused on the podium. Too much to write on ones hand, i suppose.
7:48 Abel Harding:
Palin rips into Crist. Calls him your “current Republican Governor…”
7:49 Abel Harding:
Half hearted jeers from crowd, She said Crist said “he lost his pro-life convictions” when he vetoed mandatory sonogram bill.
7:50 Abel Harding:
Palin says women made to feel incapable. Can’t have kids and work.
(Newsflash: Since you don’t support single mothers, please don’t lecture them about how they can have kids and work.)
7:52 Abel Harding:
God said to be salt and light, says Palin. Pop culture hurting us, she says.
7:53 Abel Harding:
No word on whether or not Bristol is part of pop culture w/ her new “Dancing with the stars” gig.
7:53 Abel Harding:
For the record,,,Palin said she wasn’t here to talk politics…
7:54 Abel Harding:
Um. Lots of Obamacare, mid-term elections talk…
(Guess Abel doesn’t “get” Palinese: “not here to talk about politics” means she can bash anyone she wants, but you can’t ask questions!)
7:56 Abel Harding:
Palin said she wanted a boy, would be “so much more special.”
(Way to go, you Mama Grizzly! Boys are so much more special than girls.)
8:06 Abel Harding:
Palin takes dig at Obama, says abortion isn’t above anyones pay grade.
8:10 Abel Harding:
Palin said Todd gets Google alerts on his Blackberry for her…
(Yes, he does: gotta make sure none of those evil citizens are saying bad things about the Queen!)
8:10 Abel Harding:
Uh-oh. She said she’s reloading, hearty applause. I ducked. Thougt she was serious.
8:13 Abel Harding:
Little hiccup there. She’s done…closed with the God Bless America line… Rep Renaurt on stage…questions coming up?
8:17 Abel Harding:
Moment of silence…questions coming up. Stray tuned. Heroic Media says they need 1 million dollars for statewide campaign…
(You would too if you just paid somewhere around $100,00.00 for 35 minutes of Why I Should Have Been President But The Mean Black Man Stole My Job. There is a moderator for questions, of course. Per her contract. Lots of questions go by, the men jump in to answer them because they pertain to politics.)
8:27 Abel Harding:
“What would you say to a friend who wanted to support Planned Parenthood?” Thats the kind of question moderator is directing to Palin.
8:28 Abel Harding: Rep Renuart said “follow the money”
when it comes to Planned Parenthood.
8:29 Abel Harding:
Thrasher said “never in our history has the federal government told people what they needed to do like that.”. Talking about healthcare reform.
8:30 Abel Harding:
Thrasher said he hopes Palin will come to 2012 GOP convention in Fla, “that’s when we’ll start to take back America.”
8:31 Abel Harding:
Palin says Obamacare will take healthcare away from special needs kids. “the only way they can fulfill their promise is to ration healthcare. Faceless, nameless people will run a death panel.” (In case you missed it, this was her response to the Planned Parenthood question—sorta like the debates when she told us she might not answer the questions because she was gonna speak directly to the Kool-Aid.)
8:35 Abel Harding:
Palin saying Bristol “is a jock” but will be participating in “one of these family oriented shows.” (This would be Dancing with the Stars because nothing says family like a reality show?)
8:38 Abel Harding:
Thrasher shared story of his special needs grandson who started kindergarten this year.
(Why do they feel the need to point out that this child has special needs? Children are not props or tools to be used. They are entitled to their dignity and privacy, just as any person is. I am exceptionally uncomfortable with these people’s willingness to exploit their children.)
8:42 Abel Harding:
Palin said Supreme Court took democratic process away from us with Roe v. Wade…
(It’s probably best not to even touch this – let’s just file this under things Sarah Palin doesn’t understand about how government works.)

Now, why would anyone pay so much money to hear what seems to be Sarah Palin’s struggle with her own failures, her disappointment over losing to Obama, and her need to soothe her seething anger with lies about Obama?

The only question remaining is if you lie but no one is listening, does it really matter? This, I suppose, is a matter of internal ethics. And are lies labeled as heroic really hopeful? Americans are dubious.

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