Todd Palin Caught on Video Bullying A Joe Six Pack

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Todd Palin gettin' all Wasilla HIllbilly on citizens

Shadow Governor and Secessionist Todd Palin’s Ugly Side Caught on Video

When you hear Sarah Palin talk, you just assume she’s the tough pit bull with lipstick she tells you she is. She’s out there shatterin’ ceilings and all. But the truth dispels this myth. There’s a man behind Oz, and his name is Todd Palin. If Sarah runs for President, the Sarah fans will be casting a vote for secessionist member Todd Palin.

Welcome to Palin’s Real America.

But, hey, it’s a “free” country and Todd can live to secede if he wants! What matters is that he’s the kinda guy I want to have a beer with. He’s a middle class fisherman who doubles as Mr Mom. Sure, he puled a Rove and refused to comply with a subpoena, but what did you expect him to do, lie under oath?

And since nothing says Pro-life Christian like a tacky attempt to intimidate a citizen, here’s Palin’s America (thanks to Palingates)– oh, and while you’re watching it just imagine if Todd were black, the outrage we’d be hearing.

Notice how Todd and Sarah smirk as they ask if they can take this poor Joe Six Pack’s picture. I’m sure they need to get those photos off to the Department of Law so they can figure out how to get this guy fired….just in case! You know, maybe Todd and Sarah are confused? They are actin’ like regular Joe citizens are the paparazzi and they are some immature star and her entourage who don’t know how to handle things gracefully yet.

Psst! Political leaders don’t fight with paparazzi. Future First Families don’t fight with paparazzi. Serious politicians and their spouses don’t fight paparazzi. And Joe Citizens are not paparazzi. Serious leaders do not fight with citizens. This is just more proof that the Wasilla Hillbillies are a for-profit enterprise.

Maybe Sarah and Todd should check with Lindsay Lohan’s people if they remain befuddled by their consistent appearances in TMZ’s most embarrassing galleries.

Yes, this video was shot just days after the infamous Palin Mean Girl harassing a schoolteacher video, wherein we can also see Todd try to intimidate the videographer physically…like all reasonable people do.

That’s how the Palins roll! Watch out, you treasonous schoolteachers and average Americans! And mind the Palins’ Constitutional rights, woulda? For the troops?

Oh, but I’m sure it would be fine. After all, the Republicans wouldn’t endanger our national security by running a secessionist for highest office.

They save that for the VP slot.

And hey, just because the Former First Dude’s influence over his wife was well known in Alaska even before MSNBC published thousands of emails from the Governor’s office that proved that Todd had his hands in every part of running the state doesn’t mean it would be like that if she were President. These are some highly committed Christians here, so don’t you throw the first, second or third stone.

After all, Todd and Sarah practice a form of Christianity called “Dominionism”, which is not your mama’s Christianity. The womens in the Dominionist religion think it’s their duty to let their husbands tell them what to do. Which is kinda Mama Grizzly hot, no? So you can’t blame Sarah. She’s just doing as she’s told.

But if you look under the Palin Bus, it’s littered with Todd’s cast-offs. Oh, look! There’s poor John Bitney, former good friend and legislative aid to Sarah (Todd) Palin. John had the bad taste to get on the wrong side of Todd via his choice of love partners, and soon found himself fired in the most humiliating way possible.

Sure, Bitney had been fired without notice – but isn’t that the purpose of the office of the Governor? You and I wouldn’t mind the wife of our high school enemy getting elected and then using their office to ruin our lives. It’s the American way.

OK, so maybe Todd is just really touchy. Sure, it’s wrong to use your elected office (or that of your spouse) to settle personal scores, and you would think that someone who was already under suspicion for doing just that to his sister-in-law’s ex-husband might tread lightly, but his is the last frontier, people. Cut Todd a break.

But what about those pesky emails?

MSNBC reported

“Nearly 3,000 pages of e-mails that Todd Palin exchanged with state officials, which were released to and NBC News by the state of Alaska under its public records law, draw a picture of a Palin administration where the governor’s husband got involved in a judicial appointment, monitored contract negotiations with public employee unions, received background checks on a corporate CEO, added his approval or disapproval to state board appointments and passed financial information marked “confidential” from his oil company employer to a state attorney.”

Yikes! Give the man his crown!

And while this may be confusing to the USA USA USA crowd, Todd was a registered member of the Alaskan Independence Party, a party whose sole goal is secession from the United States. Now, look, if you wear enough flag pins, what you really do and believe is of no consequence and you mean opposition researchers should stop tramplin’ on Sarah’s first amendment rights by fact-checking her. When Palin is President, the first thing Todd is going to do is shut down Politifact.

For more on this delicious debacle, wherein Palin demanded that the McCain campaign lie about Todd’s involvement in the AIP for her, see here.

Oh, and if you do read that, it’s tons more fun if you remember that Sarah was accusing Obama of pallin’ around with terrorists at the very same time, for having sat in on a meeting with someone who 40 years ago did some bad things. Pallin’ around indeed! Luckily for us, Obama was not married to that terrorist and he is not running the country from his shadow office. Sigh. Now we only have to worry about Obama’s Muslim-ism. See, at least Todd is white, right?

Man, when those Republicans decide to co-opt the female vote, they sure know how to keep it classy.

Oh, and for those of you going to the 8/28 Rally, this is what you’re supporting. You’re not supporting American values; you’re supporting Fascism, thuggery, and secession. Thanks for playing.

Note: The term “Wasilla Hillbilly” was coined during the 2008 campaign after Sarah Palin grifted her way through 150,000 dollars worth of clothes in a mere 7 weeks. It’s an apt term as it sums up the behavior of Sarah and her husband. It is not intended to brand Wasillans, but rather the Palins.

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