Republicans Put The Brakes On The Sarah Palin Crazy Train

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Palin Madness

Republicans Are Just Not That Into Sarah Anymore. Why is that? Let’s take a quick literary licensed gander through Sarah’s head:

Sarah Palin was sitting at Ted Steven’s funeral, steaming mad as she watched Democratic Vice President Joe Biden speak about her mentor and fellow oil money in my house friend, Ted Stevens. No one had asked Sarah to speak and this was her state. It was unforgivable.

Assuming they would change their minds, she wore her best outfit and everything….and showed up late and made a fuss over herself, like she did at the Decoration of Honor Memorial Day Commemoration event during which she wore a black skirt so short it rode up to hooker level while she sat smugly on stage having created chaos at the last moment by announcing she would, after all, deign to speak for fallen Alaskan service members.

But today, a year after she quit her job as governor because of her utter inability to understand the First Amendment, no one in Alaska wanted to hear from Sarah the quitter. Rejection gnawed at Palin, churning through her angry gut until she was unable to mask her contempt for her surroundings, try as she might. Her little chin was thrust out and her nostrils flaring as her lip curled in disdain. This was not going to be one of her better days, and she knew it.

Returning to the terra firma of sanity which doth reside outside of Sarah’s head: Rumors blazed that Palin was behaving poorly during the memorial….and may have had her Blackberry out, trolling the internet for other things to feel insulted over. Some think that this is when Palin, already humiliated, came across the news that poor Dr. Laura was quitting her job after falling over the cliff of her repeated use of the n-word. There’s debate over when exactly she tweeted out her jumping the racism shark missive; some say she did it DURING the memorial, but others suggest she waited until it was over. In either case, Palin couldn’t have been too knee-deep in grief if she could rile herself up enough to pound out her now infamous tweet.

And some people in her own party are slowly learning what Steve Schmidt learned the hard way during the critical seven weeks of the 2008 campaign during which he was trying to sell us on Sarah Palin as ready to be VP because she was a PTA mom. And that is that Sarah Palin is emotionally unstable and does not stand for Real America anymore than she stands for Alaskans.

John Avlon of The Daily Beast reported:

“Black Republicans tell John Avlon that Sarah Palin’s tweet in defense of Dr. Laura was ridiculous and indefensible—and that she may be “no longer fit to lead.””

No longer fit to lead. Well, that would assume, boys, that she was at one time fit to lead, and she was not. She was never fit to lead. Steve Schmidt risked his career to go on national TV and warn the nation about Sarah Palin’s erratic mental problems and her refusal to prepare for interviews or learn anything.

But Sarah Palin has never thought that the issues mattered. She announced this happily to her opponent after a Gubernatorial debate of candidates in Alaska. She told him that he had a great grasp of the issues, but the people don’t care about issues. They loved her.

At any rate, in what I can only describe as the reverse of the trickle down theory, the more the Republicans get to know their Mama Grizzly a bit better, the more they hop on the Not Fit to Lead bus.

Last week it was the Muslim American Republicans who begged the GOP to stop using Park 51 to gin up votes, reminding the good old boys that they were, in fact, advocating to break the laws of this country when they suggest that Park 51 shouldn’t be built on private property. These leaders urged the GOP leaders to stop stooping to division and fear in order to Get Out the Vote.

This week, it’s the African American Republicans. John Avlon reports:

“Sarah Palin’s post-VP nominee career has so far benefitted from bomb-throwing. The process follows a tight script—a crude, semi-calculated comment is shot into the middle of a political debate via Facebook or Twitter. It gains national attention. Liberals are outraged. Conservatives rush to her defense. Sarah Palin dominates a news cycle and becomes more beloved by her base.

But by unnecessarily rushing to the defense of Dr. Laura Schlessinger—after she dropped the N-bomb 11 times and told the caller “don’t marry outside of your race”—Sarah Palin might finally have gone too far and picked a fight she cannot win.
This is the sound of Sarah Palin jumping the shark in two tweets:

• Dr.Laura:don’t retreat … reload! (Steps aside bc her 1st Amend.rights ceased 2exist thx 2activists trying 2silence”isn’t American,not fair”)
• Dr.Laura=even more powerful & effective w/out the shackles, so watch out Constitutional obstructionists. And b thankful 4 her voice,America!

The few black conservative candidates, columnists, and media figures—who represent the GOP’s only hope for reclaiming the legacy of Lincoln and, with it, long-term demographic relevance—are not amused. They’re now saying what many in the GOP increasingly believe: Sarah Palin is not fit to be a serious leader of the Republican Party.”

So, let’s see. It was OK when Palin lied about Death Panels, asked for Obama’s birth certificate, made noise about reloading against Democrats, and called Obama a terrorist. But the GOP, or rather, some in the GOP, are drawing the line at her open support of Dr. Laura’s clear racial insensitivity.

And while the good old boys don’t have a problem with her failure to understand what the First Amendment means, which really should have been an issue…since they claim to stand for law and order, others are urging them to listen to Sarah Palin because she is “scary”.

Avlon reports that Michel Faulkner, the former NFL player and Harlem preacher challenging Charlie Rangel for a House seat said,

“The constitutional stuff she’s saying doesn’t even make any sense. She doesn’t know what real shackles are… But ‘don’t retreat, reload?’ Lady, are you kidding me? That is scary language in anyone’s terminology. Sarah Palin scares me.”

Finally, some conservatives with values are speaking out against this ill-informed hate monger who has used divisiveness and smears to gain power for too long. Sarah Palin is not a genuine conservative and the sooner the Republicans own up to this and give up on their dream of Sarah as their modern day Reagan, the better off this country will be.

Hey, Republicans, you have Scott Brown. Unless you ruin your party with your Tea Party purity tests (which clearly mean nothing or Palin – Queen of Pork – would not be their leader), in 2016 he could be a serious threat. It will be a happy day when Sarah Palin’s fits of piques are no longer broadcasted from network to network, but instead fall unheard into that abyss of the has-beens and the coulda-beens. Retire your weapon of mass destruction, boys, before she ruins not only your party but this great nation.

But we know Republicans aren’t really in charge of the Queen of Smears. They’re just putting on a show. Palin will run as the insurgent outsider and her base will love her for it, never questioning whether being an insurgent is different when Sarah does it just because she’s white. Don’t think she’s going to go away. All of this hate is what she does best; It’s how she ran for mayor, how she ran for Lt Governor, how she ran for Governor, how she ran for VP and how she will run for President.

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