Rush Limbaugh Claims Democrats Are Keeping Black People Out of Power

Aug 13 2010 Published by under Featured News

On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh claimed that is the Democratic Party, which the nation’s first black president is the leader of, is trying to keep black people out of power. “The Democrats are trying to keep black people out of politically powerful positions, it ain’t us.”

Here is the audio via Media Matters:

Limbaugh said, “It’s upside down. Alvin Greene is probably the most normal Democrat running for office this year. We only think he’s a joke because the Democrats make fun him. The Democrats are trying to keep black people out of politically powerful positions. It ain’t us.”

Assuming that Limbaugh is correct, the Democrats have really managed to screw this up because, in their quest to keep black people out of political power, they managed to elect the nation’s first black president. Limbaugh’s theory portrays African Americans as idiots who a supporting a political party that wishes to disempower them. What is really going on here is that Limbaugh is trying to make the very white Republican Party feel good about it, by engaging in more racial division.

Democrats have empowered African Americans, and helped them achieve the highest offices in the land. Besides Obama in the White House and the nation’s first African American Attorney General in Eric Holder, every single African American member of the current Congress is a Democrat. The highest ranking African American in the Republican Party is RNC Chairman Michael Steele (snicker-snicker). Plus, there has been a barrage of voter ID laws in Red States which were designed to suppress turnout and take the most basic political power away from minorities who are more likely to vote for Democrats.

According to USA Today, “A study by the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University shows turnout in 2004 was about 4% lower in states that required voters to sign their name or produce documentation. Hispanic turnout was 10% lower; the difference was about 6% for blacks and Asian-Americans.” Under the guise of clean elections, or national security, voter ID laws have the happy consequence for Republicans of suppressing turnout among Democratic leaning minorities.

Once again, Rush Limbaugh was more Republican strategy on to the Democratic Party. It is not the Democrats who systemically attempted to political power to minorities. This has been a conscious GOP strategy for years. It is continuing today with the GOP’s assault on Hispanic voters, and trying to cover up for it by blaming the party of the nation’s first black president is more than a little insane.

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