An Envious Rush Limbaugh Attacks Obama’s Facebook Fans

Aug 12 2010 Published by under Featured News

Apparently, Rush Limbaugh is not very happy about the reception that his wedding pictures received on Facebook, because today he called the 12 million Facebook fans of Barack Obama, “suckers,” and while he is holding a contest to give away 3 engraved iPads a week on his Facebook page, he accused Obama of, “giving away the store.”

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Limbaugh said, “By the way I checked, Obama has 12,386,642 people signed up on his Facebook page, but of course, he’s giving away the store. Obama is giving away the country. No wonder he’s got 12 million suckers, and of course it is just a front for his campaign, where you are expected to buy things, while he creates the illusion that he is giving you things.”

I think somebody is a little jealous, because he launched his Facebook page a week ago and only has 237,763 likes. Rush has been really been trying to drive people to his Facebook page. Not only has he posted his wedding pictures, which looked like a girl getting walked down the aisle by her dad, but you can only see all the pics if you like his page. Speaking of giving away the store, Limbaugh is giving away 3 autographed iPads a week, but you can only enter the contest if you, “like” his page.

Here is a transcript of Limbaugh on his show plugging the contest, “Now, the 64-gig 3G iPad is the top of the line, 3G in case you don’t have a Wi-Fi hot spot to connect to. But you don’t have to connect to 3G. I mean that’s dollars. You gotta sign up with AT&T. It’s a monthly thing, it’s not a contract. But you don’t have to. So we’re not giving away something that must cost you money. It’s optional if you want to sign up for 3G service and the iPad. It’s Wi-Fi ready, everywhere, the largest drive that is made. Now, to be entered you have to go to and look for the sweepstakes tab at the top of the page, you click on that and enter your information. The contest will also require that you press the “like” button on the page to enter. You don’t have to, but if you want to enter the sweepstakes you have to hit the “like” button. It’s a small gray box at the top of the sweepstakes entry page. You only need to enter one time and you’re in it for the chance to win any of the nine iPads that we are giving away. If you check the “I want to receive information from Rush Limbaugh” box when you enter, we’ll sign you up to receive the Rush in a Hurry daily e-mail that appears in your inbox about an hour after the show each busy broadcast day.”

I understand the marketing concept of using a contest to help drive people to his new Facebook page, but how can he accuse Obama of giving away the store in exchange for his Facebook popularity, when he is a running contest in order to coax people into liking his page? Could it be that Limbaugh is jealous of Obama? Did he really think that he could possibly get more Facebook likes than the President of the United States in a week? Limbaugh got plenty of media buzz out of those wedding photos, but just because some people can’t be bought with a silly contest it does not mean that they are suckers. It means that they don’t like Rush Limbaugh.

Limbaugh likes to claim that he has 20 million listeners, so 200,000+ Facebook likes is far from a good number. His fans most likely aren’t flocking to his Facebook page, because like everyone else in the right wing media, Limbaugh’s audience skews older, and the older the person the less likely they are to be on Facebook. Limbaugh is not going to win a Facebook competition with Obama. In fact, he is not going to win any competition with Obama and he is throwing a jealous tantrum.

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