Republican Representative Wishes Sarah Palin Would “Butt-Out” of Primaries

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Republican to Palin: Butt Out

Before Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Karen Handel conceded today, Georgia Republican Representative Jack Kingston was on the radio show “America’s Morning News” with John McCaslin & Amy Holmes when he expressed his displeasure with Sarah Palin sticking her nose into Republican primaries all over the country, and said he thought Georgians would be “doin’ their own thing”. Kingston prefers Palin “butt out” of Georgia politics and urges Republicans to “rethink Palin as someone who shoots from the hip.”

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it appears that there’s trouble in paradise. Sarah Palin is still a dilemma for the Republican Party, even after she agreed to deliver her Tea Party base to them in exchange for not being called out for her really bad behavior during the 2008 campaign. Now it’s not the uber socially conservative Tea Party stirring up difficulty for the GOP, but Palin’s Mama Grizzly strategy.

Apparently, Palin’s criteria for endorsing a candidate doesn’t include their values or what they stand for. I guess she’s just doin’ what Mama Grizzlies do or something. She just goes by her gut. The issue, according to Kingston, is that Handel is apparently not always anti-choice. Sure, she might have been busy fudging around with Diebold machines in 2002* in an attempt to follow Katherine Harris’ imprint on history, but I guess Handel draws the line at rape and thinks maybe women should have the right to choose whether or not to have a baby under those circumstances.

The Georgian GOP can’t forgive Palin for endorsing such a candidate.

Yes, you heard that right. But that’s a whole separate issue. Remember, this is Georgia. Now you can see why Palin should have been able to deliver a candidate in this state.

Listen here to a clip shortened by Palingates:

KINGSTON: Why Sarah Palin decided to get in the race is beyond me. I don’t know why she feels compelled to get into primaries all over the country. But, you know, fortunately Georgia voters are doing their own thinking on things like this. Ah Newt Gingrich is one of our own, you might say he worked closely with Nathan and actually Governor Huckabee did as well–

HOLMES: And he’s from Georgia as well.

KINGSTON: – And I’m not used to these people comin’ in and endorsing candidates.


HOLMES: So, congressman, would you have preferred Sarah Palin just kind of butt out of it?

KINGSTON: I wish she will, because what’s she’s doing is dividing the Republican party at a time when we don’t need to be divided because in a case like this, really what people were saying, ‘Well, she’s endorsing Karen Handel because she’s a woman’ and she got up on stage on Monday and said, ‘I’m not doing it because she’s a woman – although she is a sister.’ You know — wink, wink. And, and I understand that. But what it does is, it makes Republicans say, well, maybe we do need to rethink Karen Han – I mean, um, Sarah Palin, as somebody who does shoot from the hip a little bit much- too much. Because here in this case, I think Karen Handel is a very decent candidate, but she’s clearly the more moderate person in the race……..
Sarah Palin came in and endorsed the moderate so I think it hurts Sarah Palin a lot more than it does um the candidates back home, as you can see with Nathan Deal he’s appearing to pull this out despite Sarah Palin.

So the basic message is that Sarah Palin picks her candidates willy nilly and they’d like her to butt out of their business and out of Republican primaries because she is dividing the party. Hey, guess what boys?

She is dividing the country. So if you get to tell her to “butt out” of your state and your party, please allow us, the American citizens, to follow that up with a resounding request that she please, for the love of God, “butt out” of our country’s important business.

Oh, and boys? She’s all your creation. You made the monster of an attack dog and now you don’t like it when it’s being used against you. The fact that eventually Sarah Palin would come back to bite y’all in the bums was about as predictable as …. the 2008 election.

In case you didn’t notice, the country said “NO” way back then.

What took y’all so long?

*Notes for those interested in allegations of Handel’s election corruption (When I heard Palin endorsed her, I kind of figured this was why):

From Talking Points Memo: “There is a lawsuit is pending before the Georgia Supreme Court that “challenges the legality and constitutionality of current Georgia elections based on admissions collected from the state’s own expert witnesses during depositions. These admissions include the lack of an independent audit trail that was legally required, the inability to detect vote machine recording errors and the inability to detect manipulation of election results on the tabulation servers. Plaintiffs contend that such evidence clearly shows that their right to vote and have their vote properly counted has been abridged….

And in a separate issue:

“Ohio Attorney Cliff Arnebeck requests GA Sec. of State Karen Handel hold E-Voting Docs/Equipment for use in a racketeering lawsuit being prepared under the Ohio Corrupt Practices Act against designated principal perpetrator, Karl Rove, and others for corrupting US elections throughout the past decade. Arnebeck writes Handel: “We are in the process of preparing a racketeering claim under the Ohio Corrupt Practices Act against Karl Rove as the principal perpetrator, and other individuals acting in association with him, to corrupt elections in the United States over the course of this decade. Ground zero for this activity in 2000 was Florida, in 2004 was Ohio, and in 2002 was Georgia.”

Lovin’ me those Mama Grizzlies.

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