Once Again The Media Over Estimates Palin and Her Mama Grizzlies

Aug 11 2010 Published by under Featured News, Issues, Republican Party

Sarah Palin's candidate loses in Georgia

Media Over- Estimates Palin Mama Grizzlies

Yet another Palin loss in Georgia…… The media dubbed “GOP kingmaker”, huh? More like a Mama Grizzly slinking away with her tail between her legs.

Karen Handel, the Palin endorsed and pushed GOP Georgia Governor candidate, conceded today after losing to primary opponent Nathan Deal, who was endorsed by Mike Huckabee and Georgia’s own Newt Gingrich (why his word should be worth anything is beyond me). So Mike Huckabee’s word carried more weight than Sarah Palin’s in conservative, evangelical Georgia. That has to be disturbing for the Palin people.

Palin invested heavily in the Georgia primary, even campaigning for Karen Handel and telling the crowd in Georgia:

“It’s epic. It’s historic. The eyes of America are on you, Georgia, to see if you really do want that positive change and to get rid of that ‘good-ole-boy’ network that really gets in the way of just doing the thing that the people who want to hire a good governor are expecting of their government.”

In 2008, Palin was credited with helping Republicans Senator Saxby Chambliss win re-election when she flew to Georgia to campaign for him during a tough run-off.
Assuming she held the same gold Kingmaker wand in her hand, Palin flew to Georgia to campaign for Karen Handel. But in spite of Palin’s big push, Handel lost.

If Sarah Palin’s endorsement can’t win a primary race in red state Georgia, whose constituents are receptive to Palin’s message, what does this say about Palin’s potential ability to influence an election, primary or general?

In case you’re in doubt about predominant Georgian values, here’s the statement of current governor Sonny Purdue:

“Nathan Deal has worked tirelessly to represent our Georgia values in Washington against the forced liberal agenda pushed by Roy Barnes’ allies such as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and John Edwards. The refusal of those leaders to listen to the will of the people on critical issues such as out-of-control spending and health care mandates simply reminds Georgians about the way Barnes ruled imperially here before 2003.”

So, yeah, Georgia is not a bastion of liberal thought. This is prime pickin’ for the Mama Grizzly and Karen Handel was one of her star Mama Grizzlies.

So while Nathan Deal will run on the Republican ticket, facing Democrat Roy Barnes and Libertarian John Monds, we’ll await the media’s painful relinquishment of their rather hopeful narrative about Sarah Palin being a Republican Kingmaker.

We get it, we know they want her to run because, let’s face it, Obama v Palin is a narrative the media is drooling over. It would be an epic confrontation of extreme right wing partisan ideology versus the philosopher King of centrism. The sheer hilarity and outrage would make the networks rich. Easy money, really. They wouldn’t even have to work for it. Just roll tape at 11 of Palin reading off her palm and pointing her finger at Obama, while Obama debated the pros and cons of economic sanctions against Iran.

But at some point, the media is going to have a write a new narrative for Sarah. One the public can’t see through quite so easily.

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