Petty Palin Can’t Let Go of Her Mean Girl Ways

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Watch out or Sarah Palin and her entourage will attack you!

Petty Palin Can’t Let Go of Her Mean Girl Ways

Sarah Palin is a petty, mean girl not fit for prime time. It doesn’t matter if she’s just a celebrity, even successful celebrities know better than to behave like this. But in Palin’s case it’s worse, because Palin is the person the Republican Party is seriously touting as their Presidential candidate in 2012.

Let’s take a walk through the halls of Palin’s mean girl mind, and see if this sounds anywhere near sane.

Palin is remembered by fellow female high school basketball teammate in Lorenzo Benet’s book “Trailblazer” thusly:

“She ran around like a rabid little thing,” Welch (a fellow player) recalled. “She did not like to lose and sometimes cried after losses. She was very petulant and formidable – there was no stopping her. We’d be practicing and drilling – she wanted the ball so badly she’d get really red in the face and scratch and claw until you just wanted to say, ‘Here, take the ball.’ When I heard they nicknamed her Sarah Barracuda after the way she played on the basketball court, I thought, ‘Wow, perfect.'”

In typical mean girl style, Palin never goes anywhere without an entourage, whether that entourage is family, friends, or paid supporters — Palin is never alone.

That’s because Palin is a coward beneath the bully exterior, just like all of those mean girls in high school and junior high. Without their entourage to snicker, curl their lips and roll their eyes at their prey, the lead mean girl is nothing. She depends on her back up for power. Palin’s bared teeth and the contemptuous, smug smile are dressing for her entourage’s power. On her own, Palin is a thin-skinned paranoiac.

In Palin’s political career, that back up has come from friends whom she elevated to positions of power, due to her notorious paranoia of people who have not demonstrated the kind of loyalty she requires; which means, if you won’t lie for Palin and look like you believe it, and even attack the person telling the truth, you’re out.

The list of friends Palin has thrown under the bus is literally unconscionable. Her enemy’s list is huge. In typical sociopathic style, these relationships never last long. After the campaign, one McCain aide described Palin as “she has no relationships of trust.”

When her book of mean girl swipes disguised as an autobiography came out, ex-friends of Palin’s whose characters she impugned, like John Bitney, came out of the woodwork, declaring that they had had enough.

Not content to use her office to try to get the partially disabled (from his military service) Trooper Wooten fired, Palin and her family filed over ten complaints against Wooten. Palin then dishonestly represented these claims in her book, alleging that Wooten had “ten different citizens complaints filed against him.” She also forgot to mention that they were all dropped.

Wooten has this to say about Palin, her father and husband relentlessly attacking him for years (oh, and for you Palinistas, please recall “Governor Palin abused her power by violating Alaska Statute 39.52.110(a) of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act”) :

“They’re like poisonous snakes in the grass who spew nothing but venom,” Wooten said. “They just lay in wait and they attack you until you’re dead.”

Palin and her entourage honed taunting, teasing, and humiliating those who failed to give Palin unquestioning worship until they could unleash a mass weapon of destruction upon anyone who dared cross Palin. Palin continues this even now that she is no longer an elected official. If anything, the last year of Palin-as-celebrity has given us an uncomfortable glimpse into the darkness beneath the charm.

Some people just shouldn’t be in power. They can’t handle it. Palin is one of those people. We heard the cries from Alaska from people whose careers and reputations were ruined by Palin, but until you see it up close or it happens to you, it’s hard to comprehend.

Some of Palin’s petty and rather embarrassingly public fights have included Joe McGuiness, David Letterman, Steve Schmidt, Politifact, Katie Couric (whom Palin infamously accused of suffering from low self esteem in her own hagiography), Ashley Judd, Joy Beher, and Andrea Freidman, etc.

Palin has wielded her fame against a teenage Levi Johnston, university students, John Bitney, Walt Monegan, numerous Alaskan bloggers, an Alaskan kindergarten teacher and blogger, and now last weekend, a Homer schoolteacher.

Welcome to the newest petty feud of our mean girl, leader of the Tea and Republican Party. Over the weekend, Palin dipped a bedazzled toe into a nonsensical and stupid fight with Kathleen Gustafson, a schoolteacher, who was protesting in an area where Sarah was shooting her TLC reality TV show. Palin was on public property, but apparently Gustafson had a sign reading “Worst Governor Ever” on private property and this got under Palin’s think skin….

So she couldn’t resist the urge to confront Gustafson, who was, after all, simply practicing her First Amendment rights that Palin likes to natter on about in her speeches. But Palin didn’t go alone. This was no one-on-one.

Palin’s daughter, her husband, and several other body guards or pit bulls accompanied Palin as she crossed the metaphorical hall to confront the lonely school teacher.

Watch what happens here, and note the super mean girl eye roll exchanged by Palin’s daughter and Palin when the schoolteacher says what she does for a living. Apparently, schoolteachers are contemptible or worthy of scorn for some reason in the Palin household. Perhaps it’s a thing about only liberals reading or some such silly idea Palin got into her head. Even more special is the reaction of Palin’s entourage who try to interfere with the cell phone videographer’s rights by trying to get the camera away from him and when that doesn’t work, they spend their time trying to block his view of Queen Palin. Kinda reminds me of the Alaskan bloggers Palin had thrown off of public property during her book tour.

And it’s things like this that show us just who Palin is. She tries to leave all the dirty work to her entourage, but when the entourage changes and the behavior stays the same, it’s a reflection of the leader. See Meg Stapleton’s many inappropriate press releases taking pot shots at constituents during Palin’s brief time as Governor for proof of this.

Think Progress posted this today:

And this mean girl is who the Republican Party thought fit to run as Vice President of our country and thinks fit to run as the President of our country. The Republican Party’s mantle of shame over this clearly not ready for prime time celebrity or politician should know no bounds.

But we all know they have no shame.

Update:: Sarah took to her Facebook page to claim that the eye roll of scorn never occurred, “The LSM has now decided to use this brief encounter for another one of their spin operations. They claim I – wait for it – “appear to roll my eyes” when the lady tells me she’s a teacher. Yes, it’s come to this: the media is now trying to turn my eyebrow movements into story lines.”

Oh but our good friends over at Palingates have the video:

Updated Again: The Palin cult are going after Kathleen Gustafson hard. They bandy about derisive accusations that she is in a “drag” choir — their words, I have no idea what they’re talking about and frankly, it’s none of my business – the woman is a private citizen who has every right to criticize a former elected official without being harassed. They are also accusing Gustafson of “impersonating a teacher” on tape because she is a “theater tech” and “not a teacher” so they are also going to inundate her boss with this little news, in hopes of getting her fired, although they’re still debating whether or not she is indeed a teacher. For real. Charming group, eh? Oh, they also think the reason progressives hate Sarah Palin is because she wouldn’t abort Trig. How sick are these people?

Never you fear, citizens, if you speak out against Sarah, a splendid variety of your rights will be trampled upon and your career will be threatened. Just fair warning and all.

And Sarah Palin does nothing to stop these people. If she were a real leader, a good leader, she would lead by example and repudiate (not to be confused with the newly minted refudiate) this kind of behavior. The utter shamelessness of these people who claim to stand for freedom and liberty knows no bounds.

Sarah Palin is a bully. Imagine if this woman were your President.

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