The Tea Party Unveils Their Contract On America

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“Tea Party” Fighting For Power to Recall Members of Congress

The Republican Mantra: Recall, impeach, recall, impeach! If at first you don’t win an election, you can always recall and impeach.

Remember the last time we had a Democratic President, and Republicans spent the entire eight years trying to shut down government? And when they weren’t doing that, they were wasting federal tax dollars investigating the President for any and everything they could possibly drum up against him as part of their “Contract with (or, more accurately, ON) America”? Yes, those were the good old days.

Time Reported:

“As the clocks struck midnight on Nov. 14, 1995, so began the longest federal government shutdown in U.S. history. For 21 days — from Nov. 14-19 and again from Dec. 16, 1995–Jan. 6, 1996 — nonessential government employees stayed home while their leaders fought to pass a federal budget. The shutdown was sparked when an agreement between President Bill Clinton and the Republican-controlled Congress (led by then Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich) could not be reached by Sept. 30, the expiration date of the previous year’s budget. In the end, the shutdown, which cost the government $800 million in losses for salaries paid to furloughed employees, was settled when Clinton submitted a budget that proposed to eliminate the federal deficit in seven years.”

Then we had eight years of George W Bush, their guy, who only got into office after being appointed by the Supreme Court, which should have been real fodder for an impeachment movement, but was taken on the chin by Democrats who just wanted to bring the country together after a rough election. Or rather, Democrats who wanted to appease the Republican influence on the media, so as not to be called “sore losers”.

Now, after eight years of having our Constitution violated, our rights violated, and Bush acting like a “dictator” in office according to constitutional scholars, the Republicans (or “Tea Party” as they call themselves now) are at it again. The Republican Party is trying to gain the power to recall New Jersey US Democratic Senator Robert Menendez.

Whenever they are out of power, they seek to destroy government. Literally. They don’t care what it takes or how damaging it is to the country. They have one goal: get back into power no matter what.

Earlier this year, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told Sean Hannity that he’s advising the House Republican leadership to basically shut down the government.
And who is there to help Newt in his grand plan to get Republicans back into power? Gosh, those “non-partisan” Tea Partiers. You know, the Fox supported political movement that is supported by such corporate special interests as Freedom Works.

Theresa Poulson of the National Journal reports:

“The New Jersey supreme court may have to answer question on whether a recall is constitutional. Tea Party activists are attempting to add the recall question, targeting Senator Menendez, to the November ballot.”

Michael Toner, Former Federal Election Commission Chairman, says, “No federal office holder has ever been recalled in the history of this country, so they’re certainly aiming high in terms of precedent.”

Theresa continues: “But New Jersey is not alone.”

Peter Ferrara of the American Civil Rights Union explains, “Eighteen states provide for recall and eleven of those provide for members of Congress.”

Theresa clarifies that those laws have never been tested or utilized. Yet. Leave it to the Republican Party to test them out NOW, when they are out of power.

Watch here:

Impeach, recall, if at first you don’t succeed, impeach and recall some more!

While this tiresome effort to shut down the federal government every time they lose an election is transparently obvious, what may not be so obvious to these folks is that these tactics can backfire. There are, for example, several sitting Republican congressmen who have so violated the public trust as well as ethics laws that they should be quaking in fear if their Tea Party succeeds at this.

Sadly, we all know that the Democrats don’t use, abuse or utilize even when necessary and appropriate, tactics like this.

Maybe we outta rethink that one.

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