Rush Limbaugh Seems A Bit Too Fascinated with Barack Obama’s Balls

Aug 02 2010 Published by under Featured News

Sarah Palin unleashed a tidal rave of right wing stupidity when she discussed President Obama’s cojones on Fox News Sunday yesterday, which was more than enough for Rush Limbaugh today to fire up his obsession with Obama’s testicles. Limbaugh claimed that the people of the United States, “are laughing at his toughness, laughing at his manhood.”

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

After recapping Palin’s cajones remark Limbaugh said, “You know this is big. I think this is a little bit more noteworthy than a lot of people are saying especially inside the White House. I don’t know Obama may not know just how insulted he has been here, because he doesn’t know how to speak Spanish. There’s got to be somebody in there to speak Spanish for him to know what she has just said, but here you have somebody ranking in the Republican Party saying, a female, saying that the President of the United States does not have cojones. Now it sounds like, if she’s correct, who does our president blame? If she is right that Obama has no cajones who was it that suggest at one point removing them? That would be the Rev. Jackson.”

Limbaugh then went into full testicle obsession overdrive by rehashing Jesse Jackson’s 2008 comment about wanting to cut Obama’s nuts off,James Carville’s comment about Hillary Clinton having more gonads than Obama during the 2008 primary, and Evan Bayh’s story about Hillary Clinton’s testicular fortitude. Limbaugh said, “Folks can you remember at a time ever in your life where whether or not the president has any cojones has been discussed, and people on both sides of the aisle have suggested no, and that women the Governor of Arizona and Hillary Clinton have more gonads than Barack Hussein Obama?”

He claimed that the people of the United States are laughing at Obama, “I mean people are laughing at the President of the United States over whether or not he is a man. They are laughing at his toughness. They are laughing at his manhood if we are.” Besides his seemingly endless fascination with comments about Barack Obama’s testicles, Limbaugh was trying to play on the “real man toughness” of the right. All Republicans have to pretend like they are real men. Blue blood George W. Bush pretended to be cowboy who went to Crawford and cut brush. Ronald Reagan also loved the cowboy theme and was photographed at his ranch and on horses. Bob Dole and John McCain were real men because they were in the military. After his presidency, George H.W. tried to reclaim his manhood by jumping out of airplanes.

The manly theme is a criticism of Republicans who all love to claim that Democrats are weak and not real men. The real joke here is Limbaugh’s elevation of Palin’s stature as the voice of the GOP. Notice the sexism that Rush played on here. Even women, like Palin and Hillary Clinton, don’t believe that Obama is real man, but this is all a myth designed to humiliate and diminish Obama. America isn’t laughing at Obama’s manhood. They are laughing at Rush Limbaugh’s obsession with Obama’s balls, and Sarah Palin’s clownish attempts to get Obama’s attention.

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