As Chelsea Clinton Gets Married Sarah Palin Trolls for Attention

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Our girl Sarah is at it again.

Attention Addict Sarah Palin Trolls for Sympathy

Sarah Palin took to the Fox air waves this morning and in a rather desperate bid for attention, wrote her talking points on her palm and proudly displayed it for Chris Wallace when he asked what she had written there:

Palin: My palm isn’t large enough to have written all my notes down on
Wallace: What do you have written on your hand?
Palin: $3.8 trillion in the next ten years so I didn’t say $3.7 trillion and get dinged by the liberals saying I didn’t know what I was talking about,” Palin answered.

Now, I could get into the entire misinformation scheme she was trying to pass on to the poor duped Fox viewers, such as claiming (and mind you, she was reading this off of a piece of paper as well as the palm):

“Democrats are poised now to cause this largest tax increase in US history. It’s tax increase of $3.8 trillion over the next ten years and it will have an effect on every single American who pays income tax.”

When in reality, Raw Story reports that ” A chart by the Wall Street Journal shows that taxes for single Americans making less than $300,000 will stay the same under President Barack Obama’s tax policy for 2011. Taxes for married couples making less than $300,000 will actually go down.”


But this is the woman who sold Americans on “Death Panels” last year, so we have to grade her veracity on a sliding scale.

However, to discuss her minsinformation campaign would be to avoid the Pink Elephant in the room. Sarah Palin is desperate for media coverage and equally desperate to portray herself as the victim of the “liberal attack machine”. I suspect that Sister Sarah has been secretly burning up while watching Chelsea Clinton get married to her fiance, pre-pregnancy and with no tabloid debacles about the baby daddy and the unwed mother’s sexual history. I mean, this has to hurt. Chelsea also managed to look absolutely stunning and elegant alongside her mother and father (the current Secretary of State and the former President). The Clinton dynasty must eat the Palin up from the inside, because her own values are such that she puts a high premium on “glamour” and external signs of “Jesus’ love” like money and success.

You know her fans will come here and accuse me of being a liberal elite for pointing this out. Let me remind them that these are not my values. I don’t care where Sarah Palin came from or what dress Chelsea Clinton wore. But I do know that Sarah Palin cares. I know that Sarah Palin is a social climbing wanna be, rabid with rage that she isn’t in her “God-Mantled” position as Vice President of this country. I know that Sarah Palin and her cult think that money and power are the only things that matter. And from that position, Sarah is lacking in both when compared to the Clintons.

Remember, Palin thought she was the person who would eclipse Hilary Clinton as the first female to reach the White House, “shatterin’ those glass ceilins.” And Palin has spent some time criticizing Clinton for Clinton’s supposed “whining” about the press (please, Palin gets paid well for this kind of hubris). Palin operates from the position of someone who needed to see Ivana Trump when Trump came to Alaska because she wanted the glamour. Politics for Palin was simply a way to get on TV after her failed stint as a fill in sports anchor. And to this end, she’s been successful. After all, she’s on the tee-vee now!

But America isn’t paying attention to the Princess of Poutrage right now and that is not OK. Palin knows that she generated a lot of press and sympathy (oh, and money from her followers) when “liberals” (translation: all Americans other than the 60 or so percent Republicans who would vote for her) “attacked” (reported) her for using her palm to remember talking points during an interview after a speech to the Tea Party earlier this year.

Palin has turned this rather embarrassing episode into another cute Americana Folkism for her followers, thereby completely obliterating the point that she needed to write down her three ideas for America on her hand during an interview (not a speech) because she did not know them. Palin is the master at turning her deficits into assets, distracting the public from the questions they should be asking. So, instead of asking Palin why she needed to write down her ideas for America on her hand, they focus on how mean the liberals are to Palin and how adorable and folksy she is.

What’s a poor girl to do when she needs to raise more cash and get her name in the press for something other than Bristol’s on again off again wedding? Wouldn’t it be cute and adorable if she used her palm again in an interview? Oh, her audience loves that! Why, during her Stanislaus speech, when she spoofed her own inability to remember things like “tax cuts”, her audience of adoring Republicans cheered! They love it when Sarah gets feisty! And Sarah gets feisty and ever more adorable the more she’s cornered.

And just in case you still think this person isn’t running for office, Palin ended her interview blaming the media for her own willful ignorance (once again…but I guess this narrative never gets old with the love-to-feel-martyred Right):

“Finally, amid constant speculation that she could indeed make a run for the White House in 2012, Palin offered up a reason for why her current poll numbers among independent voters are lower than among conservatives. She explained, “As for the unfavorable, you know, I don’t blame people for not really knowing what it is, in some instances what I stand for, what my record is because if I believed everything that I read in or heard in the media, I wouldn’t like me either.”

In reality, the media has been MORE than kind and generous to Sarah Palin. They have allowed her to call President Barack Obama a socialist while never pointing out that in fact Palin was the most socialist governor this country has ever had. They allow her to hide behind Facebook and Twitter and never take a real interview, let alone hold a press conference. They have never pursued her Alaska Independence Party connections (a party that exists for the sole reason of secession from the United States of America). They have never brought up that Palin ditched Alaska when the going got tough and left the state in dire straights financially. In fact, they allow Palin to pass herself off as a fiscal conservative, never pointing out that she left the state with a 70 percent debt-to-GDP ratio, which is the highest state debt burden in the United States.

Gosh, the list of how the media has given Sarah Palin a pass is too long to fit on my palm, so you’ll just have to trust me and let me get back to ya’ with them.

Meanwhile, expect a lot more cutsieness from Herself as she trolls for the only kind of attention she knows how to get: negative attention. And while her base continues to be duped by the adorable pitbull’s pleas for money, the rest of us will just have to find some way to amuse ourselves for the next year and a half. Perhaps we can invent a game where every time Palin blames the press or the liberal attack machine for her own failings, we get to get another seat in the Senate. If only.

Console yourselves with the reality that every flash in the pan media star follows the same trajectory of over saturation followed by the embarrassingly public train wreck when the media senses the gig is up.

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