David Vitter Gay Bashes Rachel Maddow

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Sen. David Vitter, that prostitute frequenting, diaper wearing, family values touting Republican joked Rachel Maddow not looking like a woman on a local New Orleans radio show. Vitter later apologized, and Maddow classily accepted his apology, but this just furthers Vitter’s trend of anti-gay and anti-woman behavior.

Here is the audio and transcript from Crooks and Liars:

MALE HOST: I wonder if Senator Vitter is ever going to post, like, maybe the video of the first time he was on the floor of the Senate.

FEMALE HOST: Yeah, that would be cool!

MALE HOST: ….If I have to show the way I looked the first time I was on TV, you should do that too.

VITTER: We should go further back than that, how about high school yearbook?

MALE HOST: Oh yeah.

VITTER: De La Salle marching band.

MALE HOST: That’d be cool. Well you know, with Rachel Maddow they had that picture of her…

FEMALE HOST: Looking like a woman.

MALE HOST: Yeah it was really bizarre.

VITTER: [LAUGHS]: Must have been a long time ago.


I guess according to Vitter, Rachel Maddow because she doesn’t have long flowing hair and do her MSNBC show in a dress and heels does not look like a woman. What does it matter what Rachel Maddow looks or dresses like?

I guess in “Real America” this is what passes for a woman:

According to Greg Sargent at the Washington Post’s The Plum Line blog,Vitter sent Maddow a written apology:

Dear Rachel,

Regarding my remark during a radio conversation today, I apologize.

The hosts made their comment and I obviously chimed in. While we do not usually agree on the

issues, I do not think you deserved that comment.



Later Maddow accepted Vitter’s apology:

Dear Senator Vitter —

As a former radio host who knows how on-air exchanges like that can escalate, I both understand how it happened, and appreciate the apology.

Thank you.

Best wishes,


Vitter is the foremost family values hypocrite in the Republican Party. (Everyone knows about his appetite for prostitutes, and his diaper fetish,) but he also kept on his staff for two years an aide who pled guilty in 2008 to the attempted stabbing of a girlfriend. The aide was a legislative assistant for women’s issues.

None of this has stopped Vitter from endlessly moralizing about Republican and family values. On June 29th Vitter said, “There are a lot of us from the South who hold those value, which I think the party is supposed to be about. We strayed from them in the past few years, and that’s why we performed so badly in the national elections.” Apparently those core Republican values involve gay bashing, marital infidelity, prostitution, and assault with a deadly weapon.

Rachel Maddow is to be commended for the way she handled Vitter’s remarks, and maybe someday this nation will reach a point where intelligent and highly professional individuals like her can be judged on the basis of their work and ideas, not their sexual orientation. As for Vitter, earlier this month at their national conference the National Organization for Women called on the Senate to censure and expel him, but in the old boys club that is the United States Senate, what’s a little gay bashing, hooker loving, and woman hating among friends? Vitter is a disgrace but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the US Senate or the voters in Louisiana to do anything about it.

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