Irony Strikes As Bill O’Reilly Claims MSNBC Lies Everyday

Jul 07 2010 Published by under Featured News

Tonight on The O’Reilly Factor Bill O’Reilly, who just so happens to work for Fox News, claimed that the Left and MSNBC lie everyday. While discussing the decline of the Left with Dick Morris, O’Reilly said, “People on MSNBC lie everyday,” I think Bill has MSNBC confused with a certain other “Fair and Balanced,” network.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

While talking to Dick Morris, O’Reilly asked, “Do you believe that the far Left has fallen apart? I mean let’s take this Media Matters thing. They blatantly lie everyday. People on MSNBC lie everyday. Have Americans caught on now? Those people are they talking to a very small sliver, because they did have some momentum when Obama was running for president, but I think it’s all gone now.” O’Reilly disagreed with Morris that the Left once had a vast momentum, and his evidence was MSNBC’s ratings, “I don’t know if it was vast. MSNBC’s ratings were never ever good, ever.”

It is ironic for O’Reilly to be talking about cable networks that lie when he works for the biggest pusher of falsehoods on television Fox News, but if you look beneath the surface there is actually a method to this madness. Discrediting other sources of information is how Fox News keeps their viewers hooked. Fox News constantly sells itself to its tiny daily audience, and yes the audience is a tiny 2 million, when compared to the nation as a whole, as an outlet for truth. The whole Fox News business strategy is based on a constantly selling to its viewers the myth of a large liberal media, because psychologically conservatives need to feel oppressed.

For giggles here are some of the lies that Fox News put on the air today.

Here’s Sean Hannity claiming that Obama didn’t accept aid for the Gulf oil spill until day 71:

Here is Glenn Beck claiming that Obama did political favors for the New Black Panthers:

Then there was the great Fox and Friends discussion about the wussification of America:

Fox News pushes more lies in a day than anyone else on the Left could in a month. They are a factory of misinformation. I am not saying MSNBC is all that great either. (MSNBC’s motto should be We Are So Serious About The News that We Don’t Work Weekends), but no one is in the same league as Fox News when it comes having a serious aversion to the truth. If MSNBC is such a non-entity as Bill-O claims, then why is he so obsessed with them? This question leads one to believe that O’Reilly’s comments about the Left are more based on wishful thinking than actual fact.

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