Glenn Beck Praises God for the Existence of Fox News

Jul 07 2010 Published by under Featured News

Glenn Beck opened his Fox News program tonight by diving straight into the echo chamber of propaganda by praising Fox News for covering their own manufactured story about the DOJ and the New Black Panthers. Beck even went as far as to thank God for the existence of Fox News, “No one in the media seems to care a lot, thank God that there’s Fox.”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Beck said, “We’ve gotten it right yet again, and it’s important that you understand that. I’ll explain why. No one in the media seems to care an awful lot, Thank God that there’s Fox.” After the intro Beck continued to sell FNC’s fake DOJ/New Black Panther story, “Here we are picking the slack up for the rest of the media again today. When you see this video, and when I show you the dots we are going to connect you might ask yourself, yet again, where is the media? We are as network and individuals here standing alone, more and more of the time. (Beck could mean this literally, if his declining ratings are any indication). It’s a pretty amazing place we find ourselves in. The media seems fairly disinterested in the Black Panther case that was dropped by the Justice Department and Eric Holder. (Because like Obama, Holder is black). This is incredible.”

There is a pretty simple reason why the media is passing on this DOJ/Black Panther scandal. It isn’t true. See if this M.O. rings a bell. Fox News finds a right wing activist, in this case J. Christian Adams, who one of the people who served in and help politicize the DOJ under George W. Bush, and runs with the completely unsubstantiated claim of said activist that the case against the New Black Panthers was dismissed by the DOJ for racial reasons, and then Fox News embeds the trumped up charge in all of its programming, until the bogus claims are accepted as fact. This all should sound very familiar as this is the same step for step methodology that the network used to drum up their bogus ACORN scandal.

The problem is that the facts don’t match the story. According to Media Matters, “The Bush administration’s Justice Department — not the Obama administration — made the decision not to pursue criminal charges against members of the New Black Panther Party for alleged voter intimidation at a polling center in Philadelphia in 2008.” Even worse, the Obama DOJ did prosecute a member of the New Black Panthers for carrying a nightstick outside of a polling place in Philadelphia. This is in contrast to the Bush DOJ with did not prosecute the Minutemen for carrying a weapon and harassing Hispanics in Arizona during the 2006 election.

Beck’s comments are a perfect example of the cult like mind control tactics that the network uses on its audience. Beck tells his audience that Fox News is divine and thanks God for the network’s creation. He sows the seeds of mistrust towards other sources of information, and tops it off with a dose fear about an enemy that has them outnumbered, so that he reinforces the us against them mentality. The Fox News audience is not stupid. They are indoctrinated, and this is why they sound like cultists when they try to discuss politics with the outside world.

Their viewers live in their own bubble where the only facts that matter, just like in the New Black Panther case, are those created, and endorsed by Fox News. This is an example of the echo chamber that President Obama spoke about at the University of Michigan in May. Unless by God, Beck meant Rupert Murdoch, it is doubtful that the divine had anything to do with the creation of Fox News, because the notion of a God that would create such a tool for hate and ignorance is not something that I wish to contemplate.

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