White Republican Overseers Order Obama to Do His Job

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Republicans who are loath to do their own jobs are thankfully not reticent to run around pointing fingers at Obama and demand, “Mr. President! Do your job!” This is said in what I can assure you is not a racist tone, because the only racism we need to worry about is reverse racism, as you would know if you were a rich white man who has suffered mightily trying to get someone to stop you and ask for your birth certificate.

It just sucks to be ignored.

But never fear, while the President dithers away his year and half of office, atrophied permanent fixtures of government welfare decay such as Governor Perry and Senator McCain, he of the illegals are “intentionally causing accidents” on highways, are busy running for office by implying that the President isn’t doing his job. Lots of finger pointing here over the election year hot button issue of illegal immigration—a problem neither Perry or McCain can or should have done anything about previously, seeing as, you know…. they are impotent.

‘Cuz if you just listen to them, they will tell you that Washington is broken! Which is sort of an argument to NOT reelect them, but please, have some pity and reelect them because if the President would do their job, they wouldn’t have to. Or something. And also, McCain’s ego is fragile and there’s no earmark like an ego boost.

But it’s not just the mens playing politics this season. Certainly-not-a-racist Governor Jan Brewer of the “Papers Please” bill in Arizona is running an ad demanding that the dark man in office “Do his job”!

“Washington is broken Mr. President,” the governor says in the ad. “Do your job. Secure our borders.”

But, I thought Gov Brewer’s new illegal immigration law was going to secure our borders? No? Why does she need Obama to help her? Oh, stop asking questions you naughty liberal elite! Brewer has requested 6,000 National Guard troops. She only got 524 out of the 1200 deployed to stalk our borders. I guess a good many of them are off fighting for our freedoms in that war that their President started and the rest of them are in the Gulf helping to clean up the consequences of their President’s deregulation policies. Why does Brewer hate America?

Apparently, brown people are the new gay marriage. Razzle, dazzle angry voter! Look over here!

Seems like Republicans are always askin’ the feds for resources they themselves both decry and deplete, in what can only be an attempt to demonstrate yet again that government doesn’t work, or more to the point, that a Democratic President can’t do his job. Dare I suggest that they need to pay attention to the President instead of spending their time mocking and obstructing him for political points? Maybe they would learn something.

Oh, what am I saying? We know how they feel about education.

Also, I can’t help wantin’ to ask one of our Party of No-ers if Washington is broken, isn’t that sort of a reflection on them? After their 8-year reckless deregulation bender through every sector of our economy, the American people sent them packing to rehab only to have the Republicans come out dry drunks who didn’t really address their addiction.

Talk about following in Bush’s footsteps. Instead, they cling to their crutches of obstruction, stalling, blocking, and whining no before they point childish, gleeful fingers at the President in the desperate hope it will catch on.

Yeah, they’re still playing follow-the-leader, but I guess they never look behind them to see if anyone is following. Poor things. And this, I promise you, is an example of the rampant reverse racism threatening our nation!

But lest you think the Republicans have no diversity, no room for dissent within the authoritarian structure of their platform, Sarah Palin screeches, “Mr. President, do your job because I quit mine!”

See? Ain’t that an original twist on the theme that all Americans can get behind? Because nothing says “can-do American spirit” quite like quitting.

I mean, where do ya’ think Brewer got the idea that she should point fingers at the dark man in office and demand that he do his job? From none other than Tea Party leader and most-definitely-not-a-racist-but-afraid-of-the-dark-people in Hawaii Sarah Palin, that bastion of reasoned thought and hard work:


Sarah Palin’s father (he of the “teachin’ his daughter to skin a donkey” quote) Chuck Heath explained to writers Conroy and Walshe (authors of “Sarah From Alaska” ) that the presence of so many Asians and Pacific Islanders made Palin uncomfortable in Hawaii: “They were a minority type thing and it wasn’t glamorous, so she came home.”

Yes, a minority type thing. But she is not a racist! Stop that BS! Just because Sarah Palin has been trekking through the nation spewing her hysterical hatred and transparent jealousy of the President doesn’t mean she doesn’t have an idea about stuff. She does! You can read any and all of ‘em on her Fraudbook page. And I have to thank Sarah Palin for kindly having her “ideas” ghost-written, her single act of charity since she took to the stage bedazzled in red as our National Celebrity of Hate and Lies.

Meanwhile the House Minority Leader John Orange Man Boehner (have we seen his birth certificate?) is busy saying the financial problems of every day Americans are small like a ant and we shouldn’t try to fix them ‘cuz the free market will……

Regulate itself.


And I’m just spit-ballin’ here, but I don’t think the majority of Americans will cotton to Boehner’s suggestion that we move the retirement age up again to 70 (after Republicans privatize our Social Security and Medicare, this won’t be an issue because we will have to work until we fall over dead, which will greatly reduce the number of us who get to retirement age anyway in a perfect conservative dance of Darwinian regression). Gotta love that laissez-faire government!

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m tired. Maybe I need to quit my job and run around the country trying to start a Civil War. I hear that’s what Real Americans do now. I hear it pays “rill” good.

We can expect more shock and awe from the Republicans this election season, especially since they lost that great GOP get out the vote tactic of the falsely inflated terrorist threat levels. Don’t change a horse in midstream cuz ya’ know, only the Republicans can keep you safe — even though the biggest domestic terrorist attack happened on their watch after the East coast elite faux Texan rancher ignored Intel.

Sigh. Will someone please save these dry drunks from themselves? Our nation is at risk.

Buckle up cuz we’re going to be forced to watch the Republicans compete to see who best appeal to their furious flock, using the lowest form of reptilian, tribal fear of the brown people.

I’m bettin’ on Brewer since we lost the chicken lady.

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