Sean Hannity Bashes Gun Locks Then Admits He Uses Gun Locks

Jun 28 2010 Published by under Featured News

Don't trust this man with your charity fundraiser or advice on the Second Amendment

On his Fox News program Hannity tonight, host Sean Hannity upped the ante in his bid to be named most unintentionally funny Fox News show, by first bashing gun locks then in the same breath admitting that he uses gun locks in his own home, thereby undercutting his entire fear mongering rant against gun locks.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

While debating gun locks with Fox News contributor Bob Beckel, Hannity claimed to be against them, but also using them, “Hey Bob, what are you supposed to do when the criminal comes into your house? Hang on a second, I know the combination. What is it sweetheart? You know? Did you ever try? I have a gun lock. I use them, but also they have a new safe where you usually have a fingerprint, boom, it pops open with just your fingerprint.”

Sean Hannity hates gun locks. He views them as threat to homeowner security, but he uses them in his own home. The fact that he personally uses gun locks undercuts his argument against them. This doesn’t stop Hannity from delivering the NRA’s talking point on gun locks. Since there are no statistics about whether or not gun owners are more vulnerable to crime if they use gun locks, it is a good idea to rely on a little common sense. If you have children in your home, especially small children, then gun locks can prevent a potential tragedy.

I don’t think that gun locks will lead to the downfall of western civilization as we know it, and I definitely don’t believe that gun locks are somehow a violation of the Second Amendment. I am a believer in smart, safe, responsible gun ownership. If you have kids in the house, you should lock up your guns. I don’t know any gun owners who would argue this point. Hannity should be praised for gun locks or a safe, but he is an idiot for trying to argue against the very product that he uses in his own home.

Hannity delivered for us tonight another fine example of Fox News information dissemination. Gun locks are bad, but even though they are bad and can lead to a criminal breaking into your house and killing you if you don’t know the combination, they are still being used by the very people who are criticizing them. We all know that Fox News has a blind spot when it comes to their own hypocrisy, but even by their loose standards, this is hysterical. Hannity appeared to be completely oblivious to the obvious question. If gun locks are so bad, then why do you use them in your own home?

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