Keith Olbermann Blasts Sarah Palin’s Prayer Solution to the Gulf Oil Spill

Jun 21 2010 Published by under Featured News

On his MSNBC program Countdown tonight, host Keith Olbermann used his nightly Tea Time segment to blast Sarah Palin’s big solution to the Gulf oil spill, prayer. Olbermann said, “Well There you have it. A Palin presidency preview in microcosm, something bad happened, don’t worry, God will fix it.”

Here is the video courtesy of MSNBC:

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Olbermann went off on Palin’s call for prayer to repair the Gulf oil spill, “back to sister Sarah herself. She has a solution for the Gulf, pray, baby, pray. Gulf disaster needs divine intervention as man’s efforts have been futile. Gulf lawmakers designate today of prayer for solution/miracle. Well, there you have it, a Palin presidency preview in microcosm. Something bad happened, don’t worry, God will fix it. A quick miracle and presto chango the oil stops.

He continued, “We should even have the department of homeland miracles also. If you want to point the to success of prayer in your own life, I won’t argue with you, but I think even Billy Graham would admit that relying on honest to goodness structural miracles, fires stopping themselves, buildings falling up, 100,000 barrel a day oil cataclysm sealing themselves, that’s pretty poor public policy. Who am I to criticize Mrs. Palin? As an Awr Hawkins writes at Human Events, “Liberals hate Palin because she’s beautiful. They despise her, he writes; beauty pushes them over to the edge to know she doesn’t just shoot an assault rifle but makes it look good when shooting it.” Even Rich Lowrie can see where this one is going. This was obvious when she was running for vice president on the McCain ticket and it became known she had had taken part in beauty pageants to get money to pay college tuition. How dare her she’s not only beautiful, but she used that beauty for profit? Oh, no, Mr. Awr Hawkins, you didn’t just write she used that beauty for profit, did you?”

Olbermann then tackled the fantasy that the Left is afraid if Palin, “We just need to remember the left criticizes that which they fear. We also have it keep in mind that the fact that all the names they throw at Palin are really code words for dang, that woman looks good. How can I be both honest and gentlemanly about this? Okay. Code words, no, no, they’re not. When I say that woman is an idiot, I mean, that woman is an idiot. I’ll leave out the gratuitous shots taken at Hillary Clinton and Eleanor Roosevelt. Liberals hate Palin because she’s beautiful. It is the climax of Mr. Lowrie’s fevered review of Mrs. Palin’s performance at the vice presidential debate. he wrote about her, Watching her, winking only at him, to wit, this is how the right wants us to pick our leaders, this is their criteria for our women idiot leaders. I think I might prefer Mrs. Palin’s idea.”

If Olbermann really believes that Palin is an idiot, then he is wrong. To call Palin an idiot is to overlook her skilled victimization and manipulation techniques. Sarah Palin is no idiot. She is a blind, closed minded ideologue, but she is not an idiot. Palin knows how to manipulate the media. What other pseudo-political figure gets their Facebook posts covered as news? Sarah Palin did not suggest prayer because she is stupid. She did it to appeal to Republican primary voters, who truly believe that all they have left is prayer now that Barack Obama is president.

Olbermann did hit the nail on the head when it comes to what the Right wants out of their female politicians. They don’t want strong, independent, intelligent women. No, they prefer that a woman plays the subservient role that their patriarchal world view requires. Women politicians are supposed to look good, repeat the talking points, and be objects of male sexual desires. The Right wants women who will teach other women their place. Palin is the poster girl for selling out her gender. Women on the Left don’t hate for her looks. They hate her because every time she opens her mouth she sets the cause of women’s rights back one hundred years.

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