Dick Cheney Resurfaces to Criticize Obama for the Gulf Oil Spill

Jun 17 2010 Published by under Featured News

Dick Cheney came out of hiding yesterday long enough to poke his head up in Erie, PA, and not take responsibility for the administration which he was a part of and their reckless deregulation of big oil, nope he popped up to criticize Obama. He said that Obama lacks the, “executive experience” to deal with the spill.

Here is the video courtesy of Think Progress:

According to WICU12 in Erie, “The media was only allowed to stay for the first 5 minutes of his speech. Cheney told the audience he is currently writing his memoirs. He also touched on President Obama’s performance in office. He pointed to the President’s lack of action in the Gulf oil leak. He said Obama doesn’t have enough executive experience, or experience in Washington, to make things happen.”

I guess Cheney is longing for the way that he and George W. Bush, “made things happen,” after Hurricane Katrina, or maybe he wants Obama to make things happen the way that he did with secret energy task force, which made this whole disaster possible? Perhaps he thinks BP should get tax break or more government contracts, because that is how his administration rewarded ineptitude.

As my colleague Sarah Jones pointed out in her piece about Cheney’s responsibility for this disaster, “Regulation and oversight were clearly MIA in this story. Dick Cheney’s secret energy meetings, the MMS suddenly deciding under Bush that they would not continue with the recommendations to update the regulations of the oil companies as began under Clinton (it should be noted that the regulations have not been updated since 1996 – this is how deeply the oil companies have infiltrated our government), the government allowing the MMS to both collect royalties and police the off shore drilling (which is akin to the rating agencies on Wall Street which take money from the companies they “rate”) – all of this is both predictable and profoundly shocking at the same time.”

No politician is more to blame than Dick Cheney for this incident, and his tired claim about Obama’s executive experience wore thin a long time ago. Obama has been in office for about a year and half, which is more political executive experience than Dick Cheney had when he became vice president. Cheney has zero political executive experience. He has never had to sit in the big chair and make decisions. He knows nothing of what he speaks.

How many years does Obama have to be in office for before people like Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin stop knocking his executive experience? Cheney is so afraid to take responsibility for his actions as vice president that he is afraid to face the cameras, which should tell anyone all that they really need to know about the courage and leadership of Dick Cheney. He was a coward who was Nixonian in his support of big oil as vice president, and he is still a coward today. It is disgusting that Democrats once let Dick Cheney bully them with nationalistic patriotism.

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