Glenn Beck Calls MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann a Washed Up Alcoholic Loser

Jun 15 2010 Published by under Featured News

Beck just keeps falling faster and faster

On his radio show today, Glenn Beck went on a personal rant about Keith Olbermann after the MSNBC host vocally criticized Tea Party candidate Rick Barber’s Armies Unite ad, last night on Countdown. Beck said to Olbermann, “You two faced no talent, soon to be washed up, alcoholic, throw yourself off a ledge of a building because you’re that kind of a guy.”

Here is Olbermann blasting the ad during his “Worst Persons,” segment:

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Beck responded with a personal attack on Olbermann, “Keith Olbermann please stop being so stinking duplicitous. You two faced no talent, soon to be washed up alcoholic, throw yourself off a ledge of a building because you’re that kind of a guy. I mean Jeez at some point you are going to realize what have I done with my life, stop being so duplicitous.” Beck then went on to claim that Olbermann is duplicitous because he would not condemn the people who really want to over throw the government like Bill Ayers and Van Jones.

The problem with Beck’s so called logic is that unlike the Barber the Alabama Tea Partier, Bill Ayers and Van Jones are not running for Congress. Plus, it is only in Beck’s mind that people like Ayers and Jones want to overthrow the government. He has never produced a shred or real evidence to back up his theory, especially when it comes to Van Jones. Glenn Beck is the same person who edited a clip of President Obama yesterday in order to make the claim that Obama would not meet with BP’s CEO because he is white.

I am far from the world’s biggest Olbermann fan. I think he is often too narrow minded and Keith’s own opinion is too much of a centerpiece for the show, but Olbermann does not make up his own facts. He may not use enough of them on his show for my own personal taste, but he does present facts. Whereas Beck spends his days inventing Right Wing fantasy as a way to line his own pockets, Olbermann at least tries to deliver the news, even if it is filtered through his own personal biases.

Olbermann has more talent than Beck will ever possess, and it is interesting that Beck would call Olbermann washed up when it his viewership numbers that are falling off a cliff. Olbermann has not lost 50% of his viewers over the year, Keith is down anywhere from 16%-20%, but he still draws his 1-1.2 million viewers a night, whereas Beck is now only outdrawing Olbermann by 600,000-800,000 viewers a night. If anyone is speeding towards washed up status, it is Glenn Beck, not Keith Olbermann.

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