Sarah Palin Embraces Corporate Welfare Socialist Tea Partier Clint Didier

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Small goverment in speech only

In typical teabagging style, the Palin endorsed candidate (you can just fill in Clown Show Tea Bagger or Pretend Conservative, whichever you feel fits best but in this case, it’s a toss up) Clint Didier (Republican running for US Senate in Washington) was for farm subsidies before he was against them. And by for, I mean he took the money for himself, before he decided government money was evil and harmful to others and makes them dependent on the federal government.

Didier took to his Facebook – er, I mean, website, to explain how the media and the government got it wrong again, because he only took money a few times and then some and it was all for children or some such thing. Add in a swipe at Al Gore (no, I’m not kidding) and some rah rah sugar about how American farmers are the best and our food is so nutritious (you lie!) so somehow this is all not what it looks like. At any rate, I’m sure he’s selling red white and blue food and you know, if it’s about the flag, its ok.

God Bless America.

In order to prove his new found independence from the government, farm subsidy loving Didier is running for office so your tax dollars can fund his life style and health insurance. I mean, heck, with the farm subsidies, you don’t get insurance. Not sure if you knew that. Didier retired from the NFL to farm, and I think you can see that he knows a thing or two about government and budgets from that statement.

“Since declaring my candidacy for the U. S. Senate considerable criticism has been made of my participation in the USDA Farm Service programs. Yes, as a farmer I have been a recipient of monies from FSA programs. However, my past participation does not preclude my belief it is time to end the government farm subsidy program; let farmers become self-sufficient and build their own internal insurance and cooperative relief programs”

According to the Environmental Literacy Council, “The basic definition of a subsidy is direct monetary aid issued by the government to individual businesses and industries. Governments use subsidies to insure profits among established producers who might otherwise face competition for their products. For example, if the market price for corn is $1.50 a bushel but the government decided that farmers needed $2.50 a bushel in order to remain profitable, it would issue a $1 subsidy per bushel of corn to each farmer.”

In 2006, the top 3 states receiving subsidies were Texas (10.4%), Iowa (9.0%), and Illinois (7.6%). (The first two are notorious red states, I’m just saying—watch the conservative claimed ideology fall apart in the living). The kicker is that this is one of the most socialistic programs in America. Farm subsidies are distributed without regard for the economic need of the individual, or the economic condition of the farm, which is kind of like feeding the children, if we gave the kids’ lunch money to agribusiness in a socialistic program that only fed corporate profits, and left the kids without anything to eat.

“Farm subsides have the direct effect of transferring income from the general tax payers to farm owners.” Kinda like reverse socialism and propping up a false market. Kinda like a…gosh, would you call it a bail out if you were a conservative? Yeah, I think that’s the word I’m lookin’ for. Didier: Bail Outs are Good Enough for Me, but no one else should have them (except Michelle Bachmann).

Now, there are plenty of folks taking this money and occupying an office in DC, but the point is how many of them are claiming to be against Big Government? How many of them want to abolish Medicare and think its bad for anyone to get Healthcare? The point is, it’s the hypocrisy and the greed at issue here, not the actual farm subsidy.

Of course, the fact that this subsidy loving “conservative” was endorsed by the only socialist governor (and a half-termer at that, the accolades keep building) in the United States says a lot about the TeaPublican platform.

Mrs. Palin’s endorsement read: “This selfless, inspiring, commonsense constitutional conservative will help put our country on the right track.” Which track would that be, Mrs. Palin? Are you FOR government spending or against it? Let’s give her a second, she probably has to confer with her hand first if Todd isn’t around because of that whole Mat Su Dairy thing. …Oh, never mind. The fearless pit bull doesn’t take questions after Katie Couric had the temerity to ask her what she read.

Basically, their bumper stickers, signs, and jingles are all meaningless lies that tell you nothing about how they live and govern and certainly nothing about what they believe. They’re just emotional appeals for those who like that sort of thing.

Drill, baby, drill.

Darn you liberal media!

Photo courtesy of The Bellingham Herald

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