Sarah Palin Tells President Obama to Humble Himself

Jun 09 2010 Published by under Featured News

Palin seems to think that our black president should be listening to her

Sarah Palin continued her desperate quest to inject herself into the Gulf oil leak story by appearing on FNC’s Hannity tonight to urge President Obama to, “humble himself,” and, “call those around you on a non -partisan basis that could give you the best advice.” Palin seemed to suggest that the black president needs to be more humble and rely on white advisers like her.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

When asked her opinion of where Obama is politically, a rambling Palin said, “I think what the President is realizing is that his lack of executive experience is coming into play right now. I know that he mocked and chided others who did have experience in the campaign, and he acted like being a community organizer was all it was going to take. What the president really needs to do is humble himself, and I say it with all due respect, because I so respect the office of the presidency but to humble yourself and call those around you, on a non-partisan basis, please call those around you who can give you the best advice, and provide some answers to get us out of some of the problems we are facing right now, not just with the oil spill. You know, I’ve offered the greatest oil and gas team in the world assembled I believe, because they’re up there in Alaska helping to produce nearly 20% of the US domestic supply of energy.”

She wasn’t done playing word association ramble, “Not just with the oil spill, but with the economy, and with our military, and how it is we should be treating our allies all of those things. He needs to call in those around him, kind of broaden his inner circle of confidants, because right now it sounds like the inner circle that he has are some Chicago thugs, and that’s not doing our country much good, so calling in more people to advise him, then humbly accepting that advice to make the right decision.”

Why does Palin feel like Obama has to humble himself? Does she feel that the black president is not up to the challenge of governing, because that is what her statements imply, or is it simply that Obama has gotten too uppity? If there was a white Republican in the White House would Palin be telling the president that he/she needed to humble themselves? I don’t think so. The raging egomaniac that is Sarah Palin is the last person on the planet who should be discussing humility.

She expects Obama to add more advisers and broaden his horizons when she is so paranoid that she trusts no one outside of her husband Todd to guide her career. She has rejected advice from everyone on the outside and stubbornly stuck to her own paranoid persecution complex which results in celebrity feuds and fence building, literal fence building. Palin is jealous of Obama and so desperate to thrust herself into the spotlight on the oil leak that is mounting a one woman campaign to get the President’s attention.

Barack Obama has now been in office longer that Palin was governor of Alaska, so the shelf life of her attacks on Obama’s executive experience expired long ago. Obama has more executive experience than Palin, and he also has more federal experience than Palin, which is the more important category when one is discussing qualifications for the highest federal office in the land. Notice that although Palin was telling Obama to humble himself and offering up herself as an adviser and alternative, she offered no solutions to the nation’s problems.

The problem with Sarah Palin is that she is all hypocrisy and mental illness sizzle with no steak behind it. She is not going to be able to wink and bluff her way through the 2012 presidential campaign. She could not even bluff her way through the three months of the 2008 vice presidential campaign, so if anyone needs to humble themselves, it isn’t Barack Obama. Sarah Palin’s ego has run wild to the point where she believes that she is on par with the president of the United States. Should she challenge Obama in 2012, she will be the one defeated, deflated, and humbled. We can only hope that Obama does his country a favor and remove the intellect killing Ebola virus that is Sarah Palin from our national dialogue.

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