Hackee Becomes Hacker as Palin has Johnston Computer Hacked

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Hackee Becomes Hacker as Palin has Johnston Computer Hacked

Sarah Palin Pointing Finger

In the world of Sarah Palin, accusations are confessions and should always be taken thusly. Palin’s outrage over the email hacker was simply one finger pointed outward while four more pointed back at herself. Palin has not only hacked a colleague’s computer, but was also a party to harassing Levi Johnston’s sister into getting rid of online photos during the campaign. But Palin’s harassment of the Johnston family apparently did not end there. It seems that in 2008, Sarah Palin and the McCain campaign had Mercede Johnston’s computer wiped clean of all photos.

Mercede reported today on her new blog that she has always kept thousands of pictures on her computer and that during the campaign Levi and Bristol Palin yelled at her repeatedly telling her Sarah wanted her to take down her online photos of the Palin family, Trig, and Levi. Mercede complied with this request.

But it got stranger. The Johnstons were not to be trusted to answer their own phone or door during the campaign, and Mercede reports that “two ladies’ were sent to their house to keep her from talking to outsiders. Mercede could not go to school due to the overwhelming curiosity and questions of everyone including teachers. To put this in perspective, the Obama children (whose father is actually President) go to school every day.

During the time the two ladies were staying with the Johnstons (one wonders if this is also during the time the Palins lent a phone to Mrs. Johnston which later was traced and led to her arrest for a crime that landed her in jail while Todd Palin’s sister was guilty of similar crime but escaped an equivalent punishment, but I digress), Mercede’s computer was suddenly wiped clean of … everything on it. At least one of these ladies was actually on the payroll for the McCain campaign, as reported by Regina at Palingates. Mercede recounts:

“One morning I woke up to log on to my computer and to do some school work. When I turned it on it would not let me log in. It just went directly to the original Windows background … There were absolutely no files, all my desktop icons were gone, and there was not ONE photo on my hard drive besides the “Sample photos” which came with the computer. I immediately started to freak out and yell for my mom. We called the local repair shop and I had my computer in his hands within hours.

He had my computer for about a week and called me to ask if he could keep it longer because he was very “fascinated” by how there was nothing left on it, and that it appeared to have been completely wiped clean. He had worked on my computer previously so he KNEW there were once thousands of pictures, school work, documents, etc. He also asked if I wouldn’t mind if a few computer friends/techs come in from Fairbanks and Washington.

By the time early December rolled around he told me he had over 12 techs look at my computer and that they spent days and days working on it, and searching for what had gone wrong, and could not figure it out…..

It was later that I started to put the puzzle pieces together, especially after the computer Tech said this had to be the work of someone from the Secret Service, or from some other branch of the government, because what happened to my computer was remarkable. It did not click until just recently that perhaps the ladies who were supposedly “protecting us” by answering our phone, were really there to protect the Palins and had cleaned out my computer just to make sure there was nothing incriminating on it which might have caused a problem for the campaign.”

Computers do not erase themselves magically. Someone with a motive to hide the photos Mercede had on her computer got access to it and deleted them. Mercede tells us of the Palins’ harassment of her regarding the photos and comments she would leave online. We also know that Sarah Palin had photos removed from her own parents’ home during this time, as her father had unwittingly shown photos Palin didn’t want the world to see. Concurrently, the Alaska Governor’s website photos were also scrubbed.

By now, you’re asking yourself what Sarah was trying to hide. Or maybe you’re sympathizing with a private Palin who just wanted her personal life kept personal.

But we all know Palin isn’t a private person. Her use of her family and her children in particular is so well known her children are now referred to as “props”. Palin is no Hillary Clinton in this regard (or any other, I might add). So, what’s the big secret?

That, my friend, is the subject of much debate – but this writer has been told that at least one photo exists that the world has not seen from the time period right before Palin “gave birth”. (Update: I have been told of the photo, but have never seen it myself). This photo rests in the hands of someone who is too scared to let it out, so let’s just say the rumors that had been running wild through Alaska about Sarah and Bristol Palin in the months before Palin “gave birth” centered on a supposedly pregnant Bristol and an unpregnant Sarah and many photos seemingly confirm this rumor.

And why should this matter to America? It could be argued (and I suspect it will be one day) that Palin is a saint for adopting her fifth child. And perhaps in this regard she will deserve some credit, as adoption is a wonderful thing. But that won’t change the fact that Palin has presented her fifth child as her bona fides to the Pro-Life (Anti-Choice) movement. It won’t change the fact that Palin lied to the American people as a Vice Presidential candidate. And it won’t change the fact that Palin has some very suspicious medical records for someone who claims to be “Pro-Life”. And it certainly won’t change the fact that whatever went on in the Palin family does not smack of family values. It has the distinct odor of a cover-up for the sake of image, with no regard for the children involved.

But perhaps the most important aspect to this story is the lengths to which Palin, or someone working on her behalf, is willing to go in order to cover up whatever secrets she’s hiding. She had no qualms about infringing upon the liberty and freedom of the Johnston family in order to ruthlessly protect her own image and it’s more than suspicious that Mrs. Johnston was arrested right after the campaign (December of 2008) and locked up in a facility run by a Sarah Palin appointee whose management of the prisons has caused the prison guards’ union to give him a vote of no confidence as well as causing an inmate to sue Sarah Palin in federal court over his alleged mistreatment. In other words, this is not a prison you want to be in, especially if you are a perceived threat to Sarah Palin.

All of these actions speak to an already established pattern of Palin’s; she’s a thug, a bully, and a person who views herself as above the law.

The computer of a young girl was wiped clean and the tech thinks only the Secret Service, or some other extremely advanced expert, could have done such a thorough job. Sarah Palin was harassing Mercede about the very pictures on her computer that got wiped.

Palin willingly harassed a young person under the age of 18 in order to protect her own image. This is the same Sarah Palin who was once warned by a judge to leave her sister’s children alone, to stop “abusing them” by harassing their father. Of course, Sarah didn’t listen to the judge then, and that situation turned into Troopergate. Sarah Palin has an established pattern as an unconscionable liar, abuser, and bully. She wraps her predatory ambition in the flag and a cross, but the damage she leaves in her wake doesn’t resemble any of the values of this country or of Jesus.

“I’ll do whatever I want until the courts tell me I can’t.” ~~ Sarah Palin, Mayor of Wasilla

The next time Sarah Palin opens her mouth, twits a tweet, or takes to her Fraudbook page to denounce someone, remember the email hacker and Mercede Johnston’s computer, and ask yourself what Sarah is really telling us.

Updated: June 8, 2010 to change link re McCain campaign worker at Johnston’s home via Regina at Palingates.

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