Fox News Claims that the Bible Opposes Abortion

Jun 03 2010 Published by under Featured News

Fox News delivers their daily biblical distortion

Steve Doocy of Fox and Friends delivered another one of the Fox News patented Biblical justifications for right wing policy today when he made the claim that the Bible opposes abortion. While criticizing Nancy Pelosi for having faith and being pro-life, He said, “Newsflash: the Bible does not like abortion.” Abortion isn’t mentioned in the Bible, but that never stops the FNC from adding their own spin.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

First Doocy misinterpreted Pelosi’s comments to mean that that public policy should be guided by the Bible, “What’s extraordinary about this, and you know you listen to it and it’s great that she feels comfortable about her religiousness in public, but you know if she is saying that the Word drives should influence public policy, and they should follow the gospel. Why is she for abortion? Newsflash: the Bible does not like abortion.” When Gretchen Carlson pointed out that Catholicism doesn’t like abortion, Doocy said, “I’d like to see where it says that,” and repeated, “The Bible does not like abortion.”

Not to be outdone, Gretchen Carlson claimed that Pelosi’s comments were proof that the Left can’t say the word God, “The more important thing to me in this whole discussion is that this signals that people on the far Left can’t say the word God. You see she had to say the Word. You see her sort of stumbling and like Word, Word, Word. Why? Because people on the far Left don’t want to say the word God anymore, it’s a bad word. It’s a bad word out there. That’s what I got from this little rant.”

Doocy, much like all of the other right wing Christians who make the same claims about the Bible and abortion, was wrong. In no part of the Bible is abortion addressed. Anti-abortion Christians use as evidence the Commandment against murder, and specifically Psalm 139:13-16, but this “evidence” as the anti-abortionists call it, is really nothing more than their interpretation of the Bible. They use their interpretation to lend credibility to their positions on policy issues like abortion, but what they present isn’t proof, just an opinion.

Carlson’s comments were just as ridiculous as Doocy’s. She was pushing the same tired, Fox News/GOP attack that the Left is somehow less Godly than the Right. She has no actual facts to back up this baseless claim, but it is interesting that when a Democrat speaks about religion, they are talking about their religiousness, but when a Republican makes the same comments they are discussing their faith. Faith should not be discounted due to political ideology, but that is exactly what Fox News did to Pelosi. The idea that the Left is equally entitled to believe in God is something that Fox News had to knock down. In their view, God and religion are Republican turf, and any expressions to the contrary, must be attacked and discredited.

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