Bill O’Reilly Rejects Palin’s Obama-BP Conspiracy Theory

May 24 2010 Published by under Featured News

Bill-O takes Obama over Palin

On Fox News tonight, Bill O’Reilly took up Sarah Palin’s latest conspiracy theory that Obama is more worried about campaign cash then cleaning up BP’s mess. Not surprisingly, O’Reilly disagreed with Palin, and said, “Oil companies give big time money to both parties…John McCain got a lot of money from oil companies. Sarah Palin gets money from oil companies.”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

O’Reilly disagreed with Palin’s claims and said, “Talking Points does not believe that President Obama cares about BP’s campaign cash. He’s got lots of money.” After defending Republicans against the media, Bill O’Reilly compared the oil spill to Katrina and concluded, “It’s almost the same thing here with the oil spill. The feds were slow in reacting, but the outcome tragically wouldn’t have changed. The no spin truth, nobody knows how to stop the damn oil.”

O’Reilly then brought in Brit Hume who agreed with Palin on the media’s double standard but disagreed with Palin’s claims about campaign cash. Hume then brought up a good point, “I think the president’s motivated by two things. One, of which you mentioned, he doesn’t know what to do. British Petroleum says they do more of this deep water drilling it says than any other company around the world. They are probably better positioned and have better equipment to deal with it. They’re legally responsible for dealing with it.”

Bill-O later said, “We’ve been looking around for anybody in the U.S. government, Army Corps of Engineers, geological people that say hey look you should try this, nobody has put forth that. They have pretty much tried everything and nothing’s working.” He then put the knife in Palin a little deeper, “Let’s go on the record here. Oil companies give money to both parties, big time money to both parties. I mean we could break it down, but John McCain got a lot of money from oil companies. Sarah Palin gets money from oil companies. She’s a drill person, so that I don’t think is fair and you agree with me on that.”

Let’s compare O’Reilly’s discussion, partisan spin and all, to Keith Olbermann’s call for the Navy to be deployed to clean up the oil:

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Olbermann and Howard Fineman’s point was that the White House doesn’t get it. Olbermann asked, “Are there no Marine geologists available in the country? Is the Navy on vacation this month?” As Brit Hume correctly pointed out on O’Reilly’s show, legally this is BP’s mess, not Obama’s, and O’Reilly’s people actually attempted to talk to the government. Apparently this was too much work for the Countdown team. Once again, Keith Olbermann shows that he can be just as ignorant and brain dead as Sarah Palin. We all know Olbermann panders to the crowd on the Left that consider themselves intelligent when they bash Obama and deliver GOP talking points, but Olbermann and Fineman did a better job of giving the GOP argument than Fox News did.

One of the worst kept secrets in all the media is Bill O’Reilly’s distaste for Sarah Palin. When discussing Bill-O and women, you must keep in mind that he is a misogynist, but beyond that, O’Reilly is a mainstream Republican who doesn’t care for Palin’s type of politics. One has to wonder if Bill-O’s staff really needed to bring up the oppo research on Palin’s oil money to make their case. There is a reason why most of Palin’s FNC appearances are on Hannity and Greta. As we have seen tonight, O’Reilly doesn’t care for her, and will take a shot at her every chance he gets.

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