Sarah Palin Accuses Obama of Using Immigration to Divide America

May 21 2010 Published by under Featured News

Palin's path of immigration destruction continues

Sarah Palin took to her Facebook page to blast the Obama administration for dividing the country on the issue of immigration reform. Palin continued to defend the AZ law, and then added this nugget, “They can also criticize bills (and divide the country with ensuing rhetoric) without actually reading them.” All the while Palin is traveling across America dividing the GOP on the immigration issue.

Palin was complaining that when asked three Obama officials admitted that they had not read the AZ law when she said, “At first blush this revelation seemed unbelievable, but maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. This now seems “the Washington way” of doing things. If the party in power tells us they have to pass bills in order to find out what’s actually in them, they can also criticize bills (and divide the country with ensuing rhetoric) without actually reading them.”

She then defended Arizona, “Still I can’t help but feel outraged on behalf of Arizona’s citizens for the incompetence shown by these Administration officials. Arizonans have the courage to do what the Obama administration has failed to do in its first year and a half in office – namely secure our border and enforce our federal laws. And as a result, Arizonans have been subjected to a campaign of baseless accusations by the same people who freely admit they haven’t a clue about what they’re actually campaigning against.”(What about those Arizonians who are Hispanic and legal residents that are being discriminated against? Palin never speaks of them).

Keep in mind that this is the same Sarah Palin who could not tell us what she read, and more recently when asked by Glenn Beck she struggled to name her favorite Founding Father. This is the same Sarah Palin who was so lazy that the McCain campaign had to change their strategy for the 2008 vice presidential debate because they could not get Palin to study or practice. Palin is in no place to criticize anyone’s reading comprehension skills, as the next bill she comprehensively reads will be her first.

As far as her charge that Obama is dividing the country on immigration is concerned, the President is not the one trying to divide America, and especially a girls basketball team on the issue. Obama is not dividing America. Palin is dividing the GOP. Sarah Palin sees a political opportunity and the potential for more book sells in the Arizona immigration fight. If there is any question about what her real motivation ask yourself what the hell does a former half term governor of Alaska knows about illegal immigration? The answer is nothing.

What Sarah Palin is an expert in is the dissemination of hate, fear, and division. She has buddied up to Jan Brewer because Palin is an expert self promoter who will always manage to turn up wherever the television cameras are. Palin and Brewer deserve each other. Although it is my suspicion that Brewer is putting her chips on Palin to be the GOP nominee in 2012. If anyone has any doubts about why Palin is interested in immigration reform, read her comments again. For the soulless intellectual abyss that is Sarah Palin, politics and how to make a buck both trump policy.

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