Fox News Attacks Los Angeles for Boycotting Arizona

May 15 2010 Published by under Featured News

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Not content with attacking politicians from their so called news desks, Fox News has now taken to attacking entire cities, specifically Los Angeles for boycotting the state of Arizona because of their immigration law. The network labeled LA, “A collection of lunatics, that’s also broke.” Unlike Fox News which is just a collection of lunatics.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Among the panelists talking about the LA boycott and the Arizona immigration law was former intellectual turned panic right wing reactionary Ben Stein who flipped out because the UN condemned the AZ law, “This is a height of hypocrisy which I never thought I would see in my lifetime. The United Nation which is very largely a gang of murderers, cutthroats, genocidal tyrants judging Arizona which is behaving by an incredibly polite, legal law abiding, constitutional way of doing business. They have not said we are going stop everybody on the street, and ask for his papers. What they have said is if a person is arrested or stopped for some other crime we’ll check on his immigration status. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, and the idea that San Francisco and LA which are the lunatic centers of the world, and take it from me, I’ve lived in Los Angeles for 34 years. I assure you its true, and I’m one of them. The idea of us judging Arizona which has an illegal alien problem beyond what we can even imagine in California, it is laughable and it is nauseating.”

Dagen McDowell added in her best Southern drawl, “Well, LA’s not. There a collection of a lunatics, who is also broke Ben…They should be thankful for every dime, every cent that comes in to that city, and they are jeopardizing potentially businesses coming into Los Angeles from Arizona, just look at a couple of the airlines maybe.”

First of all what Ben Stein described wasn’t the Arizona law, but the existing federal law. What Stein left out is that the law makes the failure to carry to immigration documents a crime, and even after the language was prettied up for cosmetic purposes, police still have broad powers to detain anyone that they suspect of being illegal. The changes that Governor Brewer made did not alter the intent or the implementation mechanism of the law. The problem with the law is not how it treats illegal immigrants, but how citizens and legal immigrants in the state who are suspected of being Hispanic are having their basic rights violated.

In Fox’s version of culture war politics, California is full of whack job liberals. They have apparently forgotten that the Almighty Ronald Reagan came from California, and that there are plenty of Republicans in the state. None of that is relevant, because Fox News is only interested in selling a stereotype. The network did not want to discuss the millions of dollars that the LA boycott is costing Arizona, or that Arizona needs money from LA more than LA needs Arizona. Nope the narrative they are selling is look at those kooky liberals in LA victimizing those real Americans in Arizona, as usual the “fair and balanced” fiction of Fox News trumps reality.

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