Rush Limbaugh Accuses Facebook and Twitter of Recruiting for the Left

May 13 2010 Published by under Featured News

On his radio show today Rush Limbaugh blamed Facebook, My Space, and Twitter for activism on issues like the environment and breast cancer. Limbaugh claimed that social media lure people into activism, “I know everybody does want to matter, that’s how they lure them into environmental activism.” Watch out for Facebook and Twitter ditto heads, because they will brain wash you into caring.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Limbaugh said, “A highly enlightened friend of mine just sent me a note saying Rush this business of I want to make a difference means I want to matter. I want to matter, which I understand, that why there’s Facebook. That’s why there’s My Space. That’s why there’s my face. That’s why there’s my butt. All these other Tweets and social networks, that’s how people go to matter. I know everybody does want to matter. That’s how they lure them into environmental wackoism. I’m mattering. I’m driving my Prius. I’m saving the planet. See this ribbon? I matter. I care more than you about breast cancer, because you’re not wearing the ribbon. I’m better than you. I matter. I know everybody wants to matter than say that. Don’t say I want to make a difference, because Hitler made a difference.”

Apparently social media is to blame for people actually wanting to get involved and caring about issues, and according to Limbaugh this is a bad thing, because the Left has taken social media and turned into a tool for their radical recruitment of people to their causes like the environment and breast cancer. (I didn’t realize that breast cancer research was a radical cause of the Left). Aren’t conservatives sending the same message when they make a big flap over Obama not wearing a flag pin on his lapel? What about all of those Republicans who drive around who support the troops ribbons and flags on their cars?

To me, they are saying look at me, I love America and support the troops more than you because of my lapel pin or the magnet on my car. They are making the point that they are “real Americans,” and those of us who don’t have pins or magnets aren’t. Social media does not radicalize people to support left wing causes, but the self righteous phony nationalism disguised as patriotism on the right is what helped lead to the invasion of Iraq. Maybe I have been brainwashed by Twitter and Facebook, but I prefer to live in a country where people band together against breast cancer instead of killing innocent civilians in Iraq.

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