Sean Hannity Calls on Obama to Resign or Step Aside

May 07 2010 Published by under Featured News

Sean Hannity brings his suitcase full of lies against Obama

On his Fox News show tonight Sean Hannity used a list of the events of the past week to make the case that President Barack Obama should either resign or not run for a second term. Hannity said, “Mr. President what in the world are you doing. Is it time to step up, or maybe step aside?”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Hannity launched into three minutes of distortion of the week’s news. First he claimed that the Gulf oil spill was Obama’s Katrina, “New evidence indicates that may be an understatement. As a whole the administration failed to act in the immediate aftermath of this crisis, so what were they up to? Well, one top Obama appointee had more important things on his mind. ABC News has revealed that Tom Strickland the chief of staff at the Department of the Interior was white water rafting in the Grand Canyon last week. Now he went on the trip even after he was made aware of the gravity of the situation in the Gulf…But can you blame the President for lacking management skills? After all, he never had any executive experience prior to being elected.”

Hannity’s misinformation campaign then claimed that Obama had never read the Arizona immigration bill, but bashes the law. After playing some comments by Obama, Hannity said, “Alright, that’s the latest example of completely irresponsible comments by the President. The bill explicitly prohibits racial profiling, but apparently he isn’t interested in the facts or the truth.” Hannity also blamed Obama for the Times Square bomber being allowed to board a plane, “It has nothing to do with the two TSA nominees that have already had to withdraw their names under President Obama.” He then moved on to the flooding in Nashville, “Flooding in the state has claimed the lives of nearly two dozen people, but the White House has been slow to react to this unfolding disaster.”

Hannity then summed up his case and called on Obama to step aside, “That’s what we ask you to judge this president on as of now. His response to the oil spill, his reaction to the attempted Times Square bombing, his mischaracterization of the Arizona immigration law, and his failure to publicly acknowledge the disaster that is unfolding in Nashville, Tennessee. Mr. President, well what in the world are you doing? Is it time to step up, or maybe step aside?” Step aside is a vague term. He could either be calling on Obama to resign or not run for a second term.

Sean Hannity managed to summarize all of his lies for the week in his call for Obama to step aside. First, BP themselves already debunked Hannity’s claim that the Obama administration was slow to react to the oil spill. The federal government was on the scene within hours of the initial explosion, so strike one, Sean, and really is the chief of staff, not the Sec. of the Interior, but the chief of staff, the best you could come up with? That’s just sad.

Hannity also managed to completely mischaracterize the racial profiling based Arizona immigration bill while criticizing Obama. His real gem is the notion that it is Obama’s fault that two nominees to head the TSA have had to withdraw. The truth is that Republicans like Sen. Jim DeMint have used secret holds to block both nominees, so that’s strike two, Sean.

Hannity’s biggest whiff was on the Nashville flooding claim. It turns out that FEMA was on the ground in Tennessee before the rain even started, and Obama declared the state a disaster area and opened the door for federal aid two days after it started raining. This is nothing short of a blatant lie that Sean Hannity has been pushing on his show all week. That’s strike three, Sean. You’re out.

It is ironic that Hannity would claim that Obama doesn’t care about facts within a segment where he warps facts in order to call for the President to step aside. Hannity was trying so hard to turn Obama into George W. Bush, because the biggest slur that the right can think of to use against Obama is to compare him to their last president, which speaks volumes about the right wing’s own incompetence. After reviewing the facts of Sean Hannity’s week, I am left with no other choice but to call for Sean Hannity to step aside.

Sean has displayed incompetence and a disregard for facts that is destroying the intellect of America, so for the good of the country, I urge you Sean Hannity to either step up or step aside. I guess since Republicans can’t defeat Obama, Hannity is launching a new campaign to get the president to step down, because this is the only way that the Republicans will have any chance of winning the White House in 2012.

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