Fox News Labels Shakira A Liar on AZ Immigration Law

Apr 30 2010 Published by under Featured News

Shakira is now an enemy of Fox News

Fox News went on the attack today against Colombian pop singer Shakira, because she was in Arizona yesterday speaking out against that state’s immigration law. This morning on Fox and Friends Brian Kilmeade said, “We know her hips don’t lie, but we aren’t so sure about her lips.” Because the singer dared to criticize a Fox News supported policy, she now joins LL Cool J on their enemies list.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Fox and Friends mockingly introduced video of Shakira in Phoenix yesterday stating her opposition to the law. She said, “I’m in opposition to this law because it is a violation of human and civil rights. It goes all human dignity, against the principles of most Americans that I know…I don’t want to this law tarnish what this country stands for. We can not let fear and injustice take over.”

Steve Doocy of Fox News framed Shakira as from Columbia and hating the idea of the law. Of course, this is Fox News, so that wasn’t enough. Brian Kilmeade also called her a liar. He said, “We know her hips don’t lie, but we aren’t so sure about her lips.” According to Fox as any opposition to the Arizona law based on civil rights is a lie, and Shakira is a liar for stating her belief that this law is a violation of American principles.

Shakira is not your usual self absorbed pop star. She is a UNICEF global ambassador. She has been honored by Oxford for her work on the issues of children and education, and she has been honored by the United Nations for her work on behalf of children, education, and social justice, but yet gets labeled a liar for stating an opinion that Fox News disagrees with. This is what passes for “Fair and Balanced” in the right wing media.

The Colombian singer now joins LL Cool J as the two newest members of the Fox News enemies list. With each of these attacks against celebrities who criticize them, Fox News is moving closer to establishing an acceptable entertainers list for their audience. How long will it be until they start a wing that endorses all books, movies, and television for their audience? Fox News knows that the biggest threat to their campaign of misinformation is education, which is why any high profile people that disagree with the Fox News position must be labeled liars.

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