Sarah Palin’s Lawyer Compares Her to George Washington

Apr 29 2010 Published by under Featured News

No seriously, they really think that Sarah Palin is like George Washington

The attorney for Sarah Palin, Thomas Van Flein took to her Facebook page last night to gloat about another Alaska ethics complaint being dismissed, when he compared Palin to George Washington, “voluntary relinquishment of power for the greater good is normally praised as an example of true leadership, just review any biography of George Washington.”

Van Flein, being on the Palin payroll, attempted to make the case that Palin resigned for the right reasons, “At times (indeed, as recently as Sunday in a magazine cover story) people allege that the “real” reason Governor Palin stepped down was to “make money” (citing primarily her best selling book). As this most current complaint again emphasizes, Governor Palin stepped down for the right reasons—she did not want to see her state government continue to get bogged down with inane “ethics” complaints that were transparently political, plainly partisan, and diverting state resources.”

Then he delivered the whopper of a comparison of Sarah Palin to George Washington, “The voluntary relinquishment of power for the greater good is normally praised as an example of true leadership—just review any biography of George Washington—and it should be in this case as well. But for those who seek power for the sake of power, a selfless act is confusing, so a new narrative is created, such as the “profit” motive now being asserted with renewed vigor. Rest assured Sarah Palin had obtained approval to write her memoir while still in office without running into any conflict with the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act. Her financial future from her best selling book, though unknown then, would not have altered much whether she stayed in office or resigned, except the number of “ethics” complaints did dramatically decrease, so any legal fees associated with such complaints decreased concomitantly.”

Sure Sarah Palin could have stayed governor and written the book, but what Van Flein doesn’t answer is how she would have been able to go on a book tour if she was still governor? She couldn’t have signed a deal for a reality show if she was governor, and she certainly could not have landed a million dollar deal with Fox News if she was governor. This doesn’t even include her pay for speeches, and magazine spreads. While Van Flein was correct, that Palin could have written her book and stayed in office, he conveniently overlooked the other financial opportunities that she would have had to pass up to remain in politics.

The idea that Sarah Palin compares favorably to George Washington is ridiculous. Washington was a brilliant military leader, while Sarah Palin sent her juvenile delinquent son to the military. George Washington had false teeth, and Sarah Palin has false hair. Washington could not tell a lie. Sarah Palin can’t stop lying. Washington is on the dollar bill. Sarah Palin worships the dollar bill. Washington had a dedication to public service. Palin is allergic to public service. Washington was highly educated and well read. Palin has to read talking points from her hand.

They selected Washington as the template for Palin for the simplistic reason that he led a revolution, and supposedly Palin is also leading a revolution too. It doesn’t seem to matter to the Cult of Sarah that she is a more of leech than a leader of the Tea Party, but who needs facts, when you are trying to sell a 2012 narrative, and that is what Palin is all about, the sell. I don’t understand why Palin Inc. continues to spin her decision to go off and make money as something patriotic. There is nothing wrong with resigning to go make money. Public service does not pay well. The problem is that Palin’s 2012 ambitions won’t let her say that.

The quitter label is going to follow Palin everywhere. She resigned almost a year ago and her loyalists are still trying to defend her abrupt departure. This is an image problem that is not going away. Quitting is never good, and her decision to quit has lined her pockets with millions of dollars, but betrayed the people of Alaska who supported her. Something tells me that George Washington would not have turned his back on the troops at Valley Forge if he would have been promised a personal fortune. Integrity and loyalty are the biggest reasons why Sarah Palin has absolutely nothing in common with George Washington. Washington had it. Palin doesn’t and never will.

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