Sarah Palin Accuses Obama of Using AZ Immigration Law to Incite People

Apr 28 2010 Published by under Featured News

Palin needs to stop projecting on Obama

Sarah Palin and her Misinformation Express turned up in the safe and comforting arms of Sean Hannity tonight, and Palin claimed that President Obama and the Democrats are using the new immigration law in Arizona to play politics and incite their base. Palin said, “It’s really to incite and energize some of Obama’s base hoping that they will show up at the polls in the midterm election in November.”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Palin managed to attack the president and ramble out the GOP talking point on the Arizona immigration law, “Well, yeah, it is over the top and it’s really to incite and energize some of Obama’s base hoping that they will show up at the polls in the midterm election in November. This is one issue that they really feel that they need to grab hold of, because you much of this Democrat Party coming up in this November midterm election, it’s a sinking ship and they have to have a couple of lifeboats out there, and they believe this is one.”

After she showed how little she knows about the Democratic Party, Palin delivered the talking point, “Because again, this law in Arizona that has been recently signed, it essentially replicates, duplicates, the federal law anyway, so I don’t understand why Obama has a problem with that, and as we’ve said Sean, it is telling the federal government that they better wake up, buck up, and do their job in securing our borders.”

Let’s start with this idea that Obama is exploiting the Arizona immigration law for political gain. It is delusional to think that Democrats are making immigration law their top issue for November because this is going to motivate their supporters to vote. More importantly,
Palin’s attack on Obama was some top flight hypocrisy, because if anyone is an expert at inciting others for political and financial gain, it is Sarah Palin, who makes her living inciting the weak minded.

Contrary to what Palin thinks the Democratic Party is not a sinking ship that is looking for a lifeboat. The fact that the President is speaking out against the police state tactics in Arizona is not a bad thing. Democrats are not going to motivate their base by opposing this law, and why doesn’t Palin bother to mention the growing number of Republicans, like Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio, who are also concerned about this law?

Democrats oppose this law, because of something Palin never bothered to talk about with Hannity. This law infringes on the constitutional rights of Hispanic legal residents in the state of Arizona. It does not replicate federal law, as Palin suggested. There is no immigration law that gives the federal government justification to violate the Fourth Amendment rights of legal residents. This is a flat out lie, but it isn’t one of Palin’s own creation. She was simply delivering the talking point.

If this is the kind of focus and insight that Palin would bring to a 2012 matchup with Obama, the President should be virtually drooling at the possibility of facing off against Palin’s reality challenged politics. I love the idea that Fox News trots out a novice Republican to discuss the strategy of the Democratic Party. Are they really that afraid to let a competent Democrat on their airwaves in primetime? I am sure that Palin will continue to “attack” Obama with her “logic,” which the President will ignore, then trounce her if they meet in the 2012 general election.

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