Birthers Claim Obama Created the Birther Conspiracy

Apr 28 2010 Published by under Featured News

The birthers now blame the left for their ball of crazy.

The birther movement is back with a new conspiracy that states not only was Barack Obama not born in America, but that the whole birther movement is a creation of Obama and the Left, in order to make the right look crazy. Both Tom Tancredo and Glenn Beck have embraced this conspiracy within a conspiracy that, in essence blames the entire birther movement on Obama and the Left.

According to Think Progress, Tom Tancredo told Alan Colmes on his Fox News Radio show that, “Now they very well not want to show it because they want to propagate this whole thing that’s going on about birthers. … They may be doing it for that reason; I don’t know why they don’t want anyone to see it. … They want it propagated because you know. Later Colmes pointed out that birtherism makes his party looks nuts, and Tancredo replied, “Yeah well maybe that’s why they don’t produce document, I don’t know.”

That was pretty crazy, but not as crazy as Glenn Beck claiming that the Left leaked a video of Michelle Obama calling Kenya her husband’s homeland, to fuel the birther conspiracy.

Here is Beck on April 6 courtesy of Media Matters:

Beck called the birther issue the biggest waste of time ever, but added, “I believe this is being released by operatives on the left that want to stir the pot.”

Here is the video of Michelle Obama calling Kenya Obama’s home country that has the birthers so up in arms.

The birther movement has now devolved to a conspiracy within a conspiracy, because now it isn’t just that Obama is hiding the origin of his birth, but that he is doing it intentionally in order to make the right wing look crazy. In essence, the birthers have been reduced to blaming the Left and Obama for their insanity. They are saying that it isn’t their fault that they are crazy. It is Obama’s fault, because he devised this whole birther thing as a way to make the right look bad. The birthers have now created a conspiracy to justify their conspiracy. This is how far off the rails these fringe right lunatics have gone.

Barack Obama was born in the United States. He is a United States citizen. The evidence is obvious even if the birthers refuse to believe it. There is a reason why every birther court case gets tossed. Not only is the legal certificate of live birth, which is an accepted legal document by the United States government for proof of citizenship, widely available, but the birthers have never been able to produce any evidence that Obama is not a citizen. The idea that Obama is to blame for their weak minded stupidity and racism would be funny, if it wasn’t so sad.

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