Keith Olbermann Highlights Sarah Palin’s Lies in Email Hacking Case

Apr 26 2010 Published by under Featured News

Even the mainstream media is starting to catch on to Palin's lies

On his MSNBC program Countdown, Keith Olbermann finally brought into the mainstream media what many in the blogosphere have been wondering for days, did Sarah Palin perjure herself with her testimony in the email hacking case? The fact is that the emails released from Palin’s personal email accounts contradict her testimony, and Sarah Palin is caught in yet another lie.

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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Olbermann said, “The testimony from Palin herself centered on whether or not the release of those emails caused her actual damage. The trial was not about whether or not Palin ever used personal email for state business while she was governor, but in testifying that she did not conduct gubernatorial business that way, she may have committed perjury.”

Palin denied conducting government business on the personal email accounts, but Olberman pointed out that, “3,000 pages of Palin’s emails released through a Freedom of Information request from contradict that. Palin’s personal email account, she actually had three of them, were replete with examples of government business like the state budget, or legislation awaiting action, or a discussion of government positions.” However, the Washington Post’s David Weigel hasn’t seen the transcript, but it looked like she did not perjure herself. The emails that Olbermann discussed were off limits for her testimony.

The point is that Palin may not have perjured herself this time, but she obviously lied about what she was using the personal email accounts for. A quick look through the released emails contradicts her claim that she was not using them for state business. The bigger problem for Palin is that this is another lie that will continue to dog her political future, but Palin’s entire career is based on lies, so what harm could adding one more do to her house of cards?

The answer is that this lie could do a lot of harm, especially if the transcript of her testimony is released, and she decides to go after the Republican nomination in 2012. You can bet that the Romney people have already scrutinized her emails and would love nothing more that to have her testimony on paper for the sake of comparison. Can you see her inability to keep an email account secure becoming an issue in the security happy Republican primaries? Picture an ad which will ask, “If Sarah Palin can’t be trusted to keep information safe, can she be trusted to keep America safe?”

With each of these lies, Palin keeps adding another shovel full of dirt on top of her political grave. None of this matters though to her Kool-Aid drinking followers who repeat and babble Palin’s claims about the lame stream, without giving a moment’s thought to the walking ball of hypocrisy, lies, and contradictions that they support. Their job is not to think independently, but to blindly worship and regurgitate the nonsensical ramblings of their queen. Someday these poor fools will realize that their savior was really nothing more a confidence woman who broke their hearts and picked their pockets, but as the old saying goes a fool and his money are soon parted.

(Congrats to our good friends, and yes they are our friends, at Palingates for the mention tonight on Olbermann. They do great work tirelessly chasing down the hypocrisy of Sarah Palin. They and their readers have been absolutely great to us here at Politicus especially during and after the DDoS attack, so this seems like a good time to say thanks).

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