Director James Cameron Calls Out Glenn Beck

Apr 26 2010 Published by under Featured News

To James Cameron Glenn Beck is no joke

Director James Cameron was on MSNBC’s Hardball today and when he was asked by host Chris Matthews about the power Glenn Beck, he delivered an ominous warning, “Guys like Beck and the others, I think they are very dangerous to this country.” Some on the Left like Cameron are starting to wake up and realize that Beck, Limbaugh, and the others need to be taken seriously as more than entertainers.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

When asked about the power of right wing talkers, like Glenn Beck, Cameron said, “Guys like Beck and the others, I think they are very dangerous to this country, and I think that someday they are going to have to answer to my children, your children, and their children for the world that they are helping to create right now.” Cameron was on the show to talk about climate change, and the environmental message in Avatar, but his statement above not only applies to the power of Beck and others when it comes to shaping attitudes about the environment, but how they feed into the darkest part of our national psyche.

People on the Left for too long have dismissed Beck, Limbaugh, and the other right wing talkers as nothing more than entertainment for the America’s conservative right, and while they began that way, the stumbles and lack of leadership within the Republican Party, combined with the right’s fear of a black president, has elevated them to an important leadership role. Glenn Beck may sound crazy to the rest of us, but he is a valued source of facts for the far right. It is irrelevant to them, that much of what Beck states are not true. What is important to them is that he confirms their own beliefs.

Currently on the right, misinformation is power, which means that Beck and Limbaugh are sitting in the catbird seat within the GOP. These are the loudest voices against climate change. Beck is doing the bidding of corporate America by letting our environment be destroyed while he embarks on a quest to discredit science. Cameron is correct. Glenn Beck is dangerous, not because he disagrees with the left, but because he intentionally creates and spreads a climate of ignorance, fear, and misinformation for his own personal gain. Beck is the poster child for the right wing philosophy of selfishness before community.

Here is the full interview in case you want to check it out:

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