Scott Brown: Obama is a Good Man and Not a Socialist

Apr 25 2010 Published by under Featured News

Scott Brown delivers some un-Tea Party thoughts on Obama

Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) continued to distance himself from the members of the fringe right by refusing to call President Barack Obama a Socialist today on CBS’ Face The Nation. When asked the Socialism question, Brown said, “I think the President is a good man… I know he cares deeply about our country. But it– it’s just different priorities.” Brown also took a swipe at the birthers by saying that he knows that Obama is an American.

Here is the video from CBS News:

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When asked by host Bob Schieffer whether he thought Obama was moving the country towards socialism, Brown said, “I don’t think he’s making proper choices when it comes to dealing with the– the free market and free enterprise and allowing businesses to– to really run themselves and create jobs. And as a result, larger government is happening and we’re creating jobs but they’re all government jobs. And the private sector is definitely– definitely suffering.”

He clarified his answer when he was asked about Sarah Palin and the right wing’s charge that Obama doesn’t share American values, “I– I think the President is a good man. He’s– has a good family. He has two wonderful daughters. And I recognize that challenge what– what that can hold and–and I respect the office of President. And I’ve always said that, you know, he is an American. I know he cares deeply about our country. But it– it’s just different priorities.”

These are the statements of new senator who knows that he represents a Blue state where President Obama is popular. It is obvious now that Scott Brown is no Tea Party member, and certainly not a birther. He intentionally distanced himself from the rhetoric of Sarah Palin and the far right. There seems to be a push back going on from a small group of moderate Senate Republicans who are rejecting the extreme attacks against President Obama.

These comments are smart politics for Scott Brown. The fastest way for him to lose his Senate seat in a couple of years would be for him to move to the far right, and be totally out of step with his constituents in Massachusetts. Brown is not a radical Republican. He is a fiscally conservative moderate, who took the money and support of the Tea Party, but probably never had any intention of implementing their agenda. Brown is definitely more Mitt Romney than Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.

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