Sarah Palin Blames Hacked E-Mail Account for 2008 Election Defeat

Apr 23 2010 Published by under Featured News

While testifying in court today, Sarah Palin came up with a brand new excuse for the losing the 2008 election to Barack Obama. Palin stated under oath that the hacking of her email account cost her and that guy John McCain the election. She said, “I don’t think an illegal action like this is a prank. Not when you consider how impacting it was on a presidential election. It went beyond a prank.”

Sarah Palin pouting

Here is some MSNBC video of Palin addressing the media after her testimony:

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According to WBIR in Knoxville, Palin played the mama card first, “A mama wants to be there to help the kids, so it was a big darn deal to have that communication stripped away.” Then she dropped the bombshell of her belief the hacked Yahoo Mail account cost her the election, “I don’t think an illegal action like this is a prank. Not when you consider how impacting it was on a presidential election. It went beyond a prank.”

The queen of the obvious stated, “We’ll let the jury talk to Mr Kernell with their assessment of the damage that is done when you illegally hack in to somebody’s personal private mailbox to distribute the contents to the world. It’s not right, it’s not legal, and it’s not fair and decent. So I think he may be receiving the message.”

There is one little part that Sarah Palin left out. It is also her fault. What kind of idiot uses an unsecured public Yahoo Mail account, when they are not only a sitting state governor, but also the Republican vice presidential nominee? Hacking into someone’s email account is wrong. That’s why it is against the law. Once again the question is, why was she using Yahoo Mail in the first place, and more importantly was she conducting state business outside of her state email account? What was she doing that she did not want on the record?

The idea that a hacked email account cost her the 2008 presidential election is pure fantasy and is not backed up by the polls. On September 17, when the hacked emails hit the public, McCain trailed Obama 50%-44%. (Obama ended up defeating McCain 53%-46%). In fact, there was not a single poll released at the time her email account was hacked that showed McCain/Palin beating Obama/Biden. The GOP loss in 2008 had more to do with Palin’s nose diving approval ratings than it did with a hacked email account.

Then there is the hypocrisy that Palin herself has done her own bit of computer hacking. According to the September 20,2004, Anchorage Daily News, “Sarah Palin never thought of herself as an investigator. Yet there she was, hacking uncomfortably into Randy Ruedrich’s computer, looking for evidence that the state Republican Party boss had broken the state ethics law while a member of the Alaska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission.”

Once again, Palin has proven herself to not only be a hypocrite, but also unable to take responsibility for any of her own failing. Palin the egotistical narcissist refuses to consider the notion that she is the reason why the ticket lost in 2008. She can’t accept the idea that her inability to sound remotely competent on any issue doomed the ticket. She refuses to believe that the American people quickly saw through her winks and smiles, and detected a person that should never be trusted with the levers of power. Sarah Palin tried to snow job the American people and she failed. The email hacker didn’t lose to Barack Obama. Sarah Palin did.

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