Secret Service and CHP Investigate Threats by Palin Fans

Apr 21 2010 Published by under Featured News, Republican Party

Secret Service and CHP Investigate Threats by Sarah Palin Fans

Palin Fans' Death Threats to President and Senator Yee

Palin’s latest scandal, Shreddergate, turned serious and ugly when Palin fans started threatening State Senator Yee and President Obama. These threats are now being investigated by the Secret Service (due to threatening references to the President) as well as the California Highway Patrol.

SF Weekly reports:

“Chief Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Tony Beard, Jr. said the messages are to be investigated by CHP threat detectives — as is normal for threats on state elected officials — and also the Secret Service, which was alerted because of remarks in the message about President Barack Obama. “That’s what the law requires,” he said. “They’ll get back to us accordingly.”

Yee’s Chief of Staff, Adam Keigwin, said Yee and his family, while “cognizant” of the threats directed against the state senator, aren’t doing anything to alter their daily routines. Beard said no additional security measures have been taken in Sacramento following the messages.

Meanwhile, Keigwin called on Sarah Palin to tell her followers to cut it out. “She needs to call on her supporters to end these threats, end their harassment. She clearly has influence over these people.””

Someone might want to let the esteemed Senator’s Chief of Staff know that Palin will never call on her supporters to end these threats. Instead, her supporters are busy trolling websites which report on these threats so that they can spread more spurious lies about the Senator, which somehow they feel exonerates the threat senders from responsibility.

What kind of people think that threatening politicians like this is acceptable? Let us not forget the Palin hate rallies of 2008.

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