Sill Hurting Over Health Care Glenn Beck Declares That Liberals Are Brainless

Mar 26 2010 Published by under Featured News

Brainless liberals destroy Glenn Beck and health care tea bagging dream

While fear mongering about health care on his radio show with Noel Sheppard from Newsbusters, Glenn Beck said, “I don’t believe liberals have hearts. No, no, no, they have hearts. They have no brains.” Interestingly enough, liberals were smart enough to beat Beck and his mindless followers on health care, so if liberals lack brains, what does that make him?

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Sheppard said, “Obamacare goes through, Dick Cheney won’t have all of these heart attacks because we’ll rip his heart out we’ll give him a new one.” Beck added, “And you know what let me tell you something, those are the kind of doctors we are going to get too, that will just go, I’ll fix it. I’ll rip his heart out then I’ll jam another one in.” Sheppard said, “But I think that what’s going to happen at that point, Glenn is that everybody’s going to be given a liberal heart, and just imagine what the world will be then.” Beck tried to help the winger self esteem, “I don’t believe liberals have hearts. No, no, no, they have hearts. They have no brains.”

Unbelievably, Beck then tried to sell Newsbusters as a straight news organization that doesn’t take things out of context. Newsbusters, like Beck, takes everything out of context in order to push the agenda of the right. Notice Beck’s scare tactic that the same doctor that you see today is somehow going to become a blithering idiot because of the health care reform bill. Beck is still doing his part to try to fuel tea party rage for November.

The reality that people like Glenn Beck can’t comprehend is that they were completely outsmarted by the proponents of health care reform. In politics, fear has a limited shelf life, but Beck doesn’t know how to do anything but spread confusion and fear. His efforts on health care reform were doomed to fail, because the right’s anti-reform message never matured and evolved. Saying no is not the same as offering a valid alternative.

Glenn Beck may believe that liberals have no brains, but they were smart enough to defeat him and the conservative geniuses that he holds so dear. If conservatives are smarter than liberals, then why do they keep losing to them? Beck was spewing the same line of self delusion that allows conservatives to think that Obama is a weak president, or that he really isn’t that smart, so they continue to try to engage the president in hostile interviews and Q & As only to find them dominated again, but still believing that they are the smarter party. It is a sad cycle of self denial that has gripped the conservative movement in America.

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