Panic and Desperation: Fox News Goes to Commercial with Chants of Kill the Bill

Mar 21 2010 Published by under Featured News

Fox News in total panic mode

Fox News continued today their last ditch attempt to muster hatred against democracy and the passage of the health care reform bill. In an interesting bit of propaganda during America Live, the network went to commercial by showing angry tea partiers chanting kill the bill. Only most mentally challenged could miss the point of this blatant Fox News propaganda message.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

While selling the delusion that the passage of health care reform will end up help Republicans, Fox News ended the segment with footage of tea baggers chanting, “kill the bill, kill the bill.” Mind you, these people are so outraged because they don’t want 32 million of their fellow Americans to have the ability to purchase health care so that they can go see a doctor. The tea parties are a bizarre Frankenstein role reversal. The bill is not the monster. The mob is the monster.

Fox News is so desperate to stop this bill that they are creating the illusion that America is outraged by its passage. Fox is not part of the pitchfork welding mob. They are the village pitchfork salesman who is whipping up the outrage while slipping loads of cash into their pocket. True journalistic organizations do not throw segments to commercial break with such an overtly partisan political message. The network did not show footage of both the pro and anti health care protesters like true news organizations would.

Today’s not so subtle insertion of propaganda into a news cast shows that it is a myth that Fox News has separate news and opinion divisions. The news division works under orders to reinforce right wing ideology. While they may not scream and cry by their chalkboard like Glenn Beck, they are working under the same mandate to spread the Republican message. This is why Fox News should never, ever be taken seriously as a news organization. They are not in the news business. Their goal is to help further the GOP agenda, and every time the kill the bill chants are shown, that point is driven even further home.

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