A Bitter Fox News Cuts Off Coverage of Obama Health Care Event

Mar 19 2010 Published by under Featured News

Fox News: not fair or balanced to Obama

Some more of that Fox News fairness and balance was on display today as President Obama held an event on health care reform that was covered by all three cable networks, but only two thought that it was important enough to show the entire event to their viewers. Jon Scott of Fox News cut in and called the President’s event a pep rally and cut away to a press conference from John Boehner.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Apparently, the suits at Fox could not let their political message be tarnished by actual news events because while Obama was telling sharing a story about someone who needs health care reform, Fox News anchor Jon Scott cut into the coverage and said, “I described it before it began as a pep rally and you can kind of see that’s what it is. The President doing everything he can to try and get the American people behind his health care reform plans.” Scott suggested the Fox audience finish watching Obama’s event on the internet if they were so inclined and then cut to Boehner for “the opposition point of view.”

What was the important breaking news that FNC cut the President of the United States off for? An urgent press conference by the conservative corn flake, House Minority Leader John Boehner, who tried to claim that the health care bill will get less popular after it passes. No one should be surprised that Fox News cut off the president and replaced him with a Republican talking point, but this is why it is obvious to all that journalism is not a concern for FNC. They are there to push the Republican message, and there is no space on their network for news that could contradict with ideology that they are selling.

Fox News proved once again today that they have no interest in reporting the news. The network had no problem with carrying every single heavily scripted and filtered pep rally the George W. Bush held during his presidency, yet because they disagree with Obama’s positions on the issues, this president’s events are, “pep rallies” that do not deserve full coverage. I think Fox News needs to be reminded that the airwaves don’t belong to them. They belong to the American people. This is not the way that a true news organization should ever operate.

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