Megyn Kelly Freaks Out On Fox News over Health Care Bill

Mar 18 2010 Published by under Featured News

Megyn Kelly perfectly plays her eye candy role on Fox News

Things have swung into full panic mode over health care on Fox News. Today a supposed lawyer, Megyn Kelly, freaked out on the air today and said, “What is happening? No one gets it…I don’t understand anything they are talking about when it comes to this potential law.” Maybe Kelly could understand it if Fox News would stop lying and confusing their viewers about deeming.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Kelly said, “Does anyone out here understand this? What is happening? No one gets it. My eyes glaze over, Carl. I am not Capitol Hill expert, but I did practice law for nine years. I went to law school. I don’t understand anything they are talking about when it comes to this potential law. Back and forth between the House and the Senate, who can follow this? What average normal American can even possibly get their arms around what is happening on Capitol Hill?”

Maybe it would be easier to understand if Fox News would stop distorting the deeming process to their viewers. Here is Jon Scott misleading viewers on deeming:

Here is Bret Baier doing the same thing:

It is disingenuous of Kelly to freak out about confusion over deeming when she and her own network are the parties responsible for spreading the confusion. She can’t possibly be that stupid. She knows what deeming is. She is simply following orders and playing dumb. This is nothing more than Fox News trying to whip up conservative outrage in order to help Republicans. They are not beneath making themselves look completely mentally challenged if they believe that it will help the GOP in November.

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