Why The Eric Massa Interview Is the Beginning of the End for Glenn Beck

Mar 10 2010 Published by under Featured News

Beck is on the downward spiral

Today on his radio show Glenn Beck continued to react to the fact that he turned himself into a national laughingstock with his Fox News interview of former Rep. Eric Massa yesterday. Beck tried to place all of the blame on Massa for yesterday’s 60 minutes of train wreck television. The Massa interview could end up being a watershed in Beck’s career, because it was at this point his hubris and arrogance finally derailed his Fox News stardom.

Here is the audio of Beck courtesy of Media Matters:

Beck’s arrogance was on full display today as he blamed Massa, and not himself for booking such an obvious train wreck of a man. Beck said, “I almost threw him out of the studio like three times, but no, no, I wasn’t going to be that hot head kind of guy, and I wasn’t angry for any other reason, other than, what did I say to you coming up on the elevator coming up this morning, Pat? We were arriving and I said what was it before I had an adult who tries to convince America that he is involved in a tickle fest. What did we have on the agenda, because I had the whole week of shows mapped out, and this guy took me off track?”

He continued, “What a waste of time this man was. Now I’m torn on it. I’m torn, because there’d be a lot of conversation about this guy. He was on Larry King. Well it was CNN. It was this it was that, blah, blah, blah. There still is. There’s still conversation. I am seeing it on Twitter and everything else. People, Republicans or conservatives are like you know he was trying to talk code to Glenn and Glenn’s just not smart enough to. Talk Code? Shut up, shut up, I’m really torn because there are so many things we could do, but now that we have spent the hour, we don’t ever have to pay attention this man ever again.”

Glenn Beck has only himself to blame for his woes. Yesterday, Michelle Malkin tried to warn Beck about giving an hour to Massa, but he yelled her down. Beck was attempting to use Massa to advance his Obama conspiracy theories, but instead, this is what he got.

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The responsibility for this fiasco rests with Beck himself, but he pushed his senior producer, not only off of his show off of the network. Beck and a small group of likeminded staffers are running his show. There is no one left to point out to Beck that hosting a scandal ridden former liberal congressman in the hope that he backs up your own wild conspiracy theories, might not be such a good idea. The problem for Beck is that his fame survives off of controversy and publicity. He said on his radio show yesterday that people were not paying attention to the same old guests that he has on to support his conspiracy theories. Beck tried to use Massa for his own ends, but instead ended up being made a fool of for an hour.

This looks like the beginning of the end for Beck, because his ego completely blinded his judgment. It seems that Glenn has forgotten that he owes his fame to many of the same conservatives who he told to shut up today. Without the audience Beck will end up going back to being a morning disc jockey. He appears to be setting himself up to learn the hard lesson that the audience giveth and audience taketh away.

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