Mitt Romney Blames Obama for 9/11 Truthers

Mar 07 2010 Published by under Featured News

Mitt Romney and Truthers Both have issues with facts

Mitt Romney continued his 2012 presidential campaign launch disguised as book tour today on Fox News Sunday, where he claimed that Obama’s positions are lending support to international 9/11 truthers like Ahmadinejad. Romney said, “These sorts of voices should not receive any kind of support from the words of the President of United States.” Romney conveniently forgot that the truthers have been around since the days of George W. Bush.

Here is the video courtesy of Think Progress:

Romney said, “It also adds fuel to the fire of those who are a part of the blame America crowd. I saw even Ahmadinejad is even saying 911 is a fabrication. These sorts of voices should not receive any kind of support from the words of the President of United States. But I can tell you, that I am glad the the President reversed course in Iraq – he didn’t pull our troops out as he said during the campaign. He likewise supported our surge efforts in Afghanistan, having voted against the surge in Iraq… He has done some things right, but his apology tour was one of the things he did very very badly.”

Once again, Mittens has managed to put his impeccably bad political timing on full display today. He happened to pull out the GOP talking point that Obama is making America less safe on the same day when American al-Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn was arrested in Pakistan.Romney’s charge against Obama shows a laughable degree of ignorance in terms of some Muslim attitudes about 9/11. There are many people in the Muslim world along with some Americans who share Ahmadinejad’s beliefs about 9/11.

Romney is trying to play to the right by claiming that Obama is apologizing for the world, but as the president continues to pile up international successes, it is becoming more difficult presidential wanna bes like Mitt Romney to argue that Obama’s foreign policy as bad for America. The one thing that we can count on in politics is that once every four years Mitt Romney will pop up and pander to the right in a desperately futile attempt to win the Republican presidential nomination.

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