Fox News Treats Sarah Palin Like Lap Candy

Feb 04 2010 Published by under Featured News

FNC’s Chris Wallace was on Don Imus’ show this morning promoting the debut of Sarah Palin on Fox News Sunday. Imus asked Wallace if Palin was going to sit on his lap. He replied, “One can only hope.” Fox News is the only network where a woman can go from being a sitting governor to giving lap dances.

Here is the video courtesy of Think Progress:

Wallace said, “We’re going to be down in Nashville with her at the National Tea Party Convention, and I’m excited. First of all, I’m excited to finally meet and interview Sarah Palin. We’ve been interviewing her like Captain Ahab and the great white whale for the last year and a half.” Imus asked, “When you interview her, will she be sitting on your lap?” Wallace answered, “One can only hope.”

Way to promote, your newest acquisition, Fox News. What’s next, Palin topless on Hannity? Maybe they will get viewers to dial their 1-900 number and pay $4.99 a minute to hear Palin talk dirty to them?

Palin herself is to blame for embracing and fostering the image of herself as every middle aged white Republican man’s wet dream, but there was no need for Chris Wallace to go there. If Sarah Palin isn’t taken seriously by the conservatives on Fox News, then how can anyone expect her to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate?

The bottom line is that Palin cultivated this image on her own. She could have broken out of it by demonstrating any sort of competence or intellect on policy. Instead, she took the easy way out and the fast buck. She is nothing more than eye candy for old white guys like Chris Wallace to ogle.

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