Left Behind: Conservatives’ Values are Anti-American

Feb 03 2010 Published by under Republican Party, U.S. Senate

What exactly does the modern day conservative stand for? They’ve got a lot of confusion going on there, and not too many solid, consistent values. We’ve got regression, rage, and stupidity as an on-going theme, and the omni-present hatred of the “other”.

According to the latest Daily Kos poll, they don’t stand for much. These folks think Obama should be impeached, they think he’s a socialist, they think Sarah Palin is more qualified to be President than Obama. They are not sure (oh, poor dears) if Obama wants the terrorists to win or if Acorn stole the 2008 election. They’re not sure if Obama is a racist, but they do know they don’t really want to secede (one clear goal is always good). They don’t like unions or illegal immigrants. They don’t want openly gay people to serve in the military or marry or receive any federal or state bennies, or to teach in our schools, but they do want creationism taught in schools (another value! That’s two). They think marriage is an “equal partnership” (but Sarah Palin, who is more qualified to run country, can’t even read a book without permission from her husband…is this more separate but equal?). They think contraception should be outlawed, birth control pill is abortion, and abortion is murder. They’re “pro-life” but support death penalty. They do think women should work outside of home (oh, happy progress!). They are sure that Jesus is the only way to get to heaven. Phew.

That’s a lot of confusion going on there, and not too many solid, consistent values.

What we’ve got here is regression, rage, and stupidity as an on-going theme, and the omni-present hatred of the “other”. But the good news is it looks like conservatives have inched their way into the 20th century, as they now think a woman should work outside the home! This is real progress. Don’t give up, people! In the 22nd century, you will finally be behind health care for all! Better late than never, eh?

These are the same folks who tout “Freedom, free market capitalism, lower taxes, and less government”, along with“Socialist! Commie! Nazi! Libtard!”. In other words, your basic rage-filled tea bagger’s cry, coming from the misinformed and left-behind “traditionalist” who doesn’t really stand for tradition at all, at least not American tradition. These “values” don’t gel with one another. At all.

Their “values” are all over the map because their words are meaningless. This is a movement of such contradiction and revisionism that it can not afford to expose its members to the President answering questions for Republicans, lest a moment of cognitive dissonance overcomes the member, which could result in thought….


Allowing constituents to think is never a good thing when you’re selling pseudo-populism with a bright red, faux-morality cherry on top. Yes, Sarah, this is your moment to shine. Sell that rage. It’s what you do.

In fact, conservatives’ words have come to mean the opposite of their dictionary definition. Conservatives recently even felt the need to rewrite the bible, history books, and encyclopedias. And now, apparently, the Federalist Papers must also be “revised” in order to fit their propaganda.

These are the folks who brought us Sarah Palin, “I’ve been exonerated of all wrong-doing” when in fact, she has been found guilty of abuse of power.

“I am not a crook”. Up is down, down is up.

Republicans never reject their liars and their thieves. In fact, they embrace them. Because if ever a movement needed pathological liars, it’s the modern day Republican Party.

The current voter can’t listen to any conservative politician and get a clear idea of what they stand for or how they’ll vote. If the policy is fiscally conservative but the President backs it, the Republican will vote against their own supposed “principles”. Why? It is because they have no real values.

Their driving force is to tax the poor, grift and graft off the people, rape the land and the workers; these are not the values of our founding fathers, Christ, or a true “conservative” movement. In fact, they are the very things we fought so hard against when we founded this country.

The fact of the matter is that conservative leaders have rebranded their most cynical, greedy policies and values, in a stunningly effective attempt to justify regression and maintenance of status quo.

Somehow, they’ve convinced the tea baggers that the founding fathers wanted the wealthy to own this country, to rule by corporate monarchy with no accountability to the people, and to base legislation on the Old Testament.

The modern day conservative leader clearly regrets the Revolutionary War, and is busy fighting the very founding premise of the United States of America. This should have become clear when they ran a secessionist as their VP, but it appears that rage travels far quicker than the truth.

And the tea baggers and “conservatives” follow blindly, screaming about freedom as they fight to kill the very premise of America.

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