On Hannity James O’Keefe Offers His Latest Landrieu-gate Defense

Feb 01 2010 Published by under Featured News

James O’Keefe was on FNC’s Hannity tonight for his first interview since Landrieu-gate broke and his latest defense of his actions is a doozy. First he claimed that it was all a misunderstanding, then he said, “Generally speaking it is the people’s office, these are representatives of our country.”

Here is O’Keefe calling everything a big misunderstanding:

Here is O’Keefe defending his actions courtesy of Media Matters:

Sean Hannity asked O’Keefe if he thought about going into a US senator’s office, before he did it. O’Keefe replied, “Well, I mean generally speaking it is the people’s office. It’s these are representatives of our country, and we deserve to find out if they’re accepting $300 million in money we deserve to find out what’s going on, why the people of Louisiana couldn’t get through to her.”

Later, O’Keefe said that he needs to be more careful with his “investigations,” “I think while I’ll continue to do undercover videos, I have to be a little more careful, a little more thoughtful, and the investigative tools I use, I’ll have to think about it.”

The first tool that he should have considered using was his brain. Jimmy boy and his gang of special needs kids did not have to dress up in their little costumes to check out the phones. They could have simply asked the senator’s office why the lines were busy, and if they still weren’t satisfied, they could have asked the phone company.

I think the best way to keep O’Keefe from being more a public nuisance would be to show him the inside of a federal prison. Maybe he can investigate a few things while he is in there. His people’s office defense is mentally defective. Had he never heard of Watergate?

He knew what he was doing was illegal and wrong that is why he wore the disguise. If there was any doubt about James O’Keefe’s intelligence, consider the fact that O’Keefe made Sean Hannity look intelligent in that interview. That should tell you all that you really need to know.

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