Democrats Just Want Their Party to Kick Some Republican ASS!

Jan 27 2010 Published by under Republican Party, U.S. Senate

Dems are sick of being kicked around and they want to see their Dem leaders KICK some ass.


Some wire-tapping, nation-building, preemptive-striking Republican ass!

Right now, Liberals want to lock the Conservatives in a room with Al Franken and Alan Grayson and watch the fall out on CSPAN, cheering our guts out as they finally get what’s coming to them. Naturally, this would be followed by indictments and a long spell in Gitmo, kept open especially for the War Criminals and Wall Street Hookers previously (and many still) employed on our dime.

And it wouldn’t hurt if we took away their tax-payer funded healthcare. And personally, I’d like to see them all come back as a minority, just to help their souls “progress”. But I’d be happy with the Gitmo detainment, and OK, just a wee bit of the torture they find so American…after all, there’s no enemy quite so bad as the traitor.

Oh, ok, one more thing: I’d love to see Obama cut off the funding for all of the welfare red states who keep lecturing us from on high about pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps and how they’re “fiscal conservatives” and government should stay out of the people’s business.

And I’d like John McCain’s Social Security and Veterans Pay stopped. The traitor doesn’t need it nor deserve it. I’d like to see Bush paraded around the world before trial, so everyone can throw a shoe at him. Just once, I mean, we’re talking fantasy here…These are the things I dream of.

I have one more: I’d like to take all of Wall Street’s bail out tax payer money and redistribute it to the middle class and the poor. Yes, I would, you nihilist economic royalist cons, and I don’t CARE if you call me a “Socialist”. Screw you. What do you call stealing from the poor to feed the rich?

We’ve lost our retirement funds, our jobs, and our health insurance due to these bloodless anti-American corporate feeding vampires posing as Christo-Fascist nationalists and we just want some (&^(*&() JUSTICE!

Instead, our President seems to hold no grudges — personally or professionally. “Let’s move forward,” he says, leaving us holding our bag of nursed rage over the W years. What? Move forward? And let those criminals escape? They need to be taught a lesson! How dare you, Obama? You betrayed us!

Cool cat Obama. Oh, it’s admirable and ultimately, I believe it’s what we need right now to avoid utter meltdown, but it’s no fun.

I only wish I could show my fellow liberals a glimpse into the future, after the pain of our current woes have past. A future where we got healthcare passed (yes, it will be imperfect, but just you wait and see…it will have long term ramifications) and job creation from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act starts paying off and we’ve actually managed to be fiscally responsible unlike the “lower taxes without paying for them and start illegal wars which are kept off of the budget” Republicans and oh, my friends…

If you could see the world I see, you would funnel your rage and your hatred into helping us pass these things as imperfect as they are.

Because you would see that in doing so, you are kicking some permanent Republican ass. Not some bar room brawl. Not a one night shut out. Not even a season trophy. No, a full out ten years of championship of progressive politics.

Now, picture that. Isn’t that satisfying?

This man can take us there. You don’t like the way he’s doing it, but that’s because he doesn’t work in immediate victories or short term smack downs. You will like it. You will be satisfied. If only we can come together to do this thing, you will be more than satisfied.

Perhaps we need to think of Obama as the lover who courts from a distance or the athlete you don’t see coming. It’s all vague and remotely intellectual. Bad Obama, following the law and letting congress do their thing, as we wait out 101 Republican filibusters. “Shut them down!” We want to scream. “Use your power!” Oh, we hate the label of the weak Democrats and just once….

But remember during the campaign, when we yelled at Obama to hit them back hard? He never did. He had a few well disguised zingers, but he always appeared in control, calm and unfettered with rage. This skill played a big part in landing him in the White House. After Bush, we needed a rational leader, not a reactionary.

But we so want the reactionary, just for a moment…just like we wanted the bad boy or girl we knew wasn’t good for us in high school and some of us well past that (not naming any names). The immediate satisfaction was so tempting then. But we have grown up, yes?

What we can’t see right now is just how lethal Obama can be. Instead of screaming at him about what he hasn’t done and assuming he is a centrist, look under the hood

Under the hood, I see a liberal who knows how to play the game and is driving mercilessly down the center to win the Big Game. He knows how to utilize centrism in order to achieve his goals. He does believe in bi-partisanship, because if we had a loyal opposition who cared about our country, this would presumably lead to better bills.

But he’s coming for their bad policies and their failed leadership. He’s gunning for them in ways that will change our lives; the ways government can and should help the people. By winning, by showing how government can and does have a role to play in the lives of the American people, he will drain the power of the modern day heartless Republican corporatists for a good long while.

If you saw the precision of his targets and timing, if you paid attention to his methods, what you would really fear is just how far he could take us – not how far you think he won’t take us. Of course, I would cheer him as he led us into a Social Democracy, so this doesn’t scare me…but shhh, don’t tell the centrists.

It’s good when liberals get mad at Obama and accuse him of being a centrist; this only enables him to get more done at times, as clever covert liberals with an eye to strategy will report this, thus endearing him to the many voting centrists. So maybe I shouldn’t say anything at all….But there are other times when it’s best if we take a good long look at what we have here, and how to use it to our advantage.

So nurse your wounds and your rage. We all are. But funnel them into something productive like winning….

The Big Game.

Let’s go kick some Republican Ass.

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