Bill O’Reilly Advocates that the CIA Kidnap Harry Reid and Waterboard Nancy Pelosi

Jan 26 2010 Published by under Featured News

While on his Bold and Fresh Tour with Glenn Beck in Waterbery, NY over the weekend, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly claimed that he told Obama to hire him as his special advisor, and as Obama’s special advisor he would tell the CIA to kidnap Harry Reid and to waterboard Nancy Pelosi.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

O’Reilly went off on a little fantasy sequence and said to the audience, “So, I told Obama that the best thing he could do would be hire me as his main advisor. I actually got a nice not from the president yesterday, on Friday. He didn’t respond to that, but if he did hire me, first I would lavishly decorate my White House office, but after that, don’t tell anyone I said this please but, I would get Leon in. I would have Leon Panetta come in and I would say Leon look I’ve got a (inaudible) problem for you. This has got to be between me and you. I am the presidential advisor. Nobody can know. You gotta kidnap Pelosi and Reid, don’t hurt them, don’t hurt them. Take them to an undisclosed location. No waterboarding, well maybe with Nancy.”

This is what is passing for conservative humor, abuse of power, kidnapping, torture. Gee, it sounds like the George W. Bush years all over again, doesn’t it? Old men, like Bill O’Reilly need to realize that the cameras are always watching. I don’t what is worse. Bill-O’s little fantasy or the fact that a few people in the crowd shouted for democratically elected members of Congress put in GITMO.

These are the people who want to be in charge again. They will tell you to forget the Bush years, and that they are different, but nothing has changed. Keep O’Reilly’s comments and the crowd’s reaction to them in mind, when are telling yourself that you don’t really need to vote in November’s elections.

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