Keith Olbermann Reminds the Teabaggers that They Coined Their Own Name

Jan 19 2010 Published by under Featured News

On his MSNBC show Countdown, host Keith Olbermann reminded the teabaggers, who just now seem to have figured out what the name means, where the term teabagger came from. Hint: it wasn’t Maddow or Olbermann but the teabaggers themselves who coined the term.

Here is the video:

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Olbermann said, “It is as useful to remind them anew of how the term originated and with whom. A TV news report aired last March 14 in which a correspondent described the original protest act, ‘take a teabag, put it in an envelope, and mail it to the White House.’ He added, ‘ has a headline Teabag the Fools in D.C. on tax day.’ Thus the verb to teabag was invented by the teabaggers themselves, and the correspondent who put it on TV was a Griff Jenkins of Fox News. Send your complaints to him.”

The teabaggers coined their own name, without realizing what it also means, and then they blamed their critics for their stupidity. By the way, why did it take them so long to figure out what a teabagger is? Why has this outrage on their part flared up recently?

It is as if none of them know how to use Google. (I’ll help you out teabaggers. Google isn’t another sexual term. It is a search engine. Ask one of your grand kids to show you how it works). Olbermann is correct Fox News helped spread the term before MSNBC got a hold of it, but as we know in the teabagger mind, Fox News can do no wrong, so it is a given that they won’t believe Olbermann, or me for that matter.

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