Stealth Candidate Scott Brown Is Lying about his Beliefs

Jan 17 2010 Published by under Featured News

Moderates and independents need to start paying very close attention in future elections, as the right is running “stealth candidates”. Apparently, the majority of voters don’t want a religious extremist and/or racist in office, so the only thing for a teabagging birther to do is LIE about their beliefs in order to get elected.

Enter Scott Brown as Massachusetts’s US Senate stealth candidate. Brown is running as a moderate conservative. Hmmm….

In a video during the 2008 Presidential campaign, Brown staunchly defends Sarah Palin as someone with “a lot of good core values”. One wonders if he’s referring to her secessionist roots, her Bircher following, her religious extremism, her Kenyan witch doctor spells, or what? Tell Massachusetts just what you meant by that Scott, because it’s a wee bit confusing to the rest of us. You moderate, you.

When her unwed teenage daughter’s pregnancy is brought up, Brown does what all right wing “family values” candidates do; he diverts attention to the now President’s legitimacy, insinuating with a Palin-esque smirk that Obama was born out of wedlock.

Remember the “family values” /aka: racist lie the right tried to sell during the campaign that Obama’s parents weren’t married? Oh, Rovian whisper campaign, how cute you are! I’m sure they were shocked when it didn’t stick. It worked so well for the Bush campaign against McCain! Oh, woe is the antiquated right.

After all, no mixed race couples really get married. That would be an insult to marriage, and plus, too, they couldn’t possibly be humans like the whites! And wouldn’t marriage just fall apart if THOSE people got to get married? Oh, I digress. But I’m sure Scott has super interesting take on the issue of gay marriage.

“He (Brown) said that the idea of two women having a child is “just not normal….. Later, he would vote for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage – for which he earned the endorsement of the group The Coalition for Marriage — and he opposed the repeal of the federal Defense of Marriage Act.”

Ah, I knew that was coming.

Thinks extremist Sarah Palin has the right values? Check. Racist birther? Check.

But is he a teabagger? When asked about the Tea Party movement, Brown does the GOPPER dance of duck and dodge, asking what the interviewer is referring to. See, that’s how moderate and removed from extremism Scott Brown is! Oh, oopsie, Scooter…what’s this?

“For the 2010 Senate race, Brown is supported by the Greater Boston Tea Party group, which organized a January 2010 fundraising breakfast for him in Boston, which he attended. Eleven days later, the Boston Globe reported that Brown claimed that he was unfamiliar with the “Tea Party movement,” when asked by a reporter. The Tea Party Express has endorsed Brown’s campaign”.

Oh, gee. So that’s a check next to Teabagger as well. And we might as well add a big fat check next to “Liar”.

And you know how Brown has been touted as “pro-choice”? Um, not so much. He was endorsed by the Massachusetts Citizens for Life, who have rallied true believers into getting out the vote so that Brown can save America “from that awful healthcare”. Yes, God forbid we do as Jesus would want and give healthcare to the people. Because we all know Jesus advocated judging others and depriving the poor.

Scooter, we’ve got your number. Scooter is the MA stealth version of Joe You Lie Wilson. Running as a moderate.

Thanks, but no thanks to that Teabagging Bridge to Nowhere.

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